The original Apple-1 PC is expected to fetch a huge price at auction

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(Photo: John Moran Auctioneers)
If you thought Apple was new M1 Pro and Max MacBook Pro Laptops were expensive, they couldn’t hold a candle to the latest Apple computer on sale. John Moran Auctioneers in Southern California is taking bids on a working Apple-1 computer, designed by Steve Wozniak and built by Steve Jobs himself. The ultra-rare PC is expected to sell for between $ 400k to $ 600k, if not more, as the current pre-offering is already at $ 225k. The auction starts today, November 9th.

According to the auction listing, an Apple-1 “NTI” motherboard with original blue Sprague 39D capacitors, original power regulators, rare original .01 “Circle D” ceramic capacitors and an Apple cassette adapter ( ACI) in an original ByteShop Apple-1 koa wood case with Datanetics Keyboard Rev D. The auction house claims that there are only six known Koa Wood cases, so everything about this PC is the rarest you can get .

More from the list: Additional services include an Apple -1 connection cable and power supply, paired with a 1986 Panasonic video monitor accompanied by a Xerox-era copy of the Apple Basic Manual-1, the Apple Operations Guide- 1, one original MOS 6502 programming manual, two Apple-1 software cassettes with vintage handwritten index card with memory locations for Apple-1 loading software; further accompanied by three original video interface cables, power supply and cassette.

The entrails of Chaffey College (photo: John Moran Auctioneers)

The PC itself is known as the Chaffey College model, as Jobs originally sold 50 units to a computer store called ByteShop in Mountain View. The shop owner who bought the units was shocked to find that they weren’t an all-in-one PC with a monitor, keyboard, and I / O ports attached, but instead all the individual components that required assembly. Jobs changed the store owner’s mind by informing him that it was a simple upsell to simply add a monitor, power supply, and keyboard to every purchase.

The store ended up selling one to a Chaffey College professor, who then sold it to a student in 1977, who held it for 40 years. The “student” is the one who puts it up for auction, while remaining anonymous.

Only 200 Apple-1 PCs were made, hand-built by Jobs himself in his garage together with his sister Patty and Daniel Kottke, under the guidance of Wozniak. Only 175 were sold, for a one-time price of $ 666.66 due to Wozniak’s adoration of repeated numbers, according to the listing. The auction reports that the Chaffey College unit “recently underwent an extensive authentication, restoration and evaluation process by one of the industry’s foremost experts.” Unfortunately, there are no indications that the expert attempted overclocking on the Apple-1 model.

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