The original iPhone fetches $158,000 at auction – News Block

An original, sealed and unopened iPhone was bought at a record price at auction.

LCG Auctions held a Summer Premier Auction beginning June 30 and ending July 16, with the original iPhone being one of the items up for bid. The initial bid for the iPhone was $10,000, and once it was ready, it fetched a record price of $158,644. The bidder insured the iPhone during closing hours.


The original 4 GB iPhone was in limited production as a higher storage variant only cost $100 more. The 4 GB model was discontinued in September 2007, just two months after it was released. The auction item is rated ‘exceptional condition with virtually flawless edges’ along with tight wrapping. The article was co-signed by Apple’s engineering team when it was first released.

The record price of $158,644 is higher than other factory-sealed items previously auctioned: The last original iPhone sold for $40,000 in March.

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