The Packers insider claims Green Bay “could have gone that high” for OBJ


The question of whether or not the Green Bay Packers could have signed Odell Beckham Jr seems to have finally been resolved.

When Odell Beckham Jr hit free agency last week, among the list of teams he could end up with when the dust settled included the usual suspects.

Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs, Russell Wilson and Seahawks and Aaron Rodgers and Packers.

None of those three tandems ended up landing OBJ, as he chose to sign with Matthew Stafford and the Rams. Beckham’s signing on the dotted line in Los Angeles did not end the furious debate in Green Bay over whether or not the Packers did everything they could to bring a potential final piece to the Super Bowl puzzle.

To make matters worse it was an arsonist act report by Yahoo! Sports on Friday who blamed the Packers front office for belittling Beckham. Taking it literally, it’s an indictment that plays into a narrative of ineptitude that has followed the Packers’ front office throughout the season. Instead, aim for an image rather than painting one, as it simply serves as a reminder that the Packers don’t have the kind of money the average fan might assume they have.

Packers: Offering OBJ more money was possible, but a bad deal

According to Packers insider Tom Silverstein, Green Bay could have signed Odell Beckham Jr., but the view of the deal didn’t match reality.

The source said OBJ receives a base salary of $ 1.25 million and $ 3 million in incentives. The Packers could have made it that high, but any incentives they hit would probably go to next year’s cap and the Packers are already buried next year, “Silverstein he wrote. “Even with the Browns there was no compensation.”

It will be easy to read the first part and freak out on a superficial level. Yes, Green Bay could have afforded to sign Odell Beckham Jr., no, they really couldn’t afford it.

Still, it’s a hard pill for Green Bay fans to swallow, who on one of them have heard that the team is short on resources, but have seen the Rams sign OBJ as they committed everything but silverware to make room for players. like Von Miller, Jalen Ramsey and other key pieces.


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