The pre-game brawl breaks out before the Nebraska-Ohio State game


Things quickly escalated on the sidelines of the visiting Buckeyes.

During the warm-up before their match against Nebraska, several Huskers crowded around the Ohio State sideline and chirped a few words that started a little brawl. A couple of players appeared to be screaming inches away before some of the Buckeyes staff interrupted the fight. A couple of Buckeyes were caught laughing, and some even lunged at the Huskers and were forcibly restrained.

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Nebraska manager Scott Frost leads as the Huskers take on the Buckeyes. A home win against fifth-placed Ohio State is the big win he and his team were looking for. A loss to Nebraska could severely damage the Buckeyes’ chances of securing a spot in the College Football Playoff.

The Huskers are already showing some aggressive energy on the pitch. The defense of Nebraska kept the Buckeyes 90 yards total and allowed them to convert on three of the five-thirds down in the first quarter. JoJo Domann also intercepted a pass from CJ Stroud to prevent the Buckeyes from opening the scoring with a touchdown.

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The Buckeyes are favorites by 8.5 points, according to Fanduel, and Nebraska went out with Ohio State in the first half

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