The Presidents is released this week


The PRESIDENTS is finally released on Thursday! It seems like a long time ago that I started hiring people to write essays on 45 different presidents. People sometimes question this number and ask why is Joe Biden number 46? Simple. Grover Cleveland has served two separate terms and counts as 22 and 24.

I spent most of this weekend preparing the several hundred orders for the book I received and the final batch will ship tomorrow, so hopefully if you ordered one you will receive it within the day of posting. Publishers, Hodder & Stoughton, will hold a launch party for the book at London’s Hatchards on Wednesday. We have it scheduled for 17: 00-19: 00, so I won’t miss my radio show! I am delighted that many of the 45 contributors will be in attendance to mark the occasion. It might be my name on the cover of the book, and yes, I’ve spent many hours editing essays, but there are really 45 different authors, and whether the book sells well is up to them. Sure, it was like raising cats at times, but in the end we got there!

I really learned so much through the book editing process. I thought I knew a fair amount of American history, but I was wrong. Now I feel I have been adequately educated on the motives of the Founding Fathers, the causes of the civil war, the plague of slavery still affecting modern politics in the United States, but equally important is the development of the presidency. I had no idea that the Oval Office was only built in the early 1900s. I thought it had always been part of the White House. What the book also taught me were the origins of the difficult relationship that existed between the United States and the United Kingdom until the first half of the twentieth century. In a way, the special relationship ever developed is truly remarkable.

The book is published in hardcover for £ 25, on Kindle and as an audiobook via Audible. It will be released simultaneously on Kindle and Audible in the US, but the hardcover release will be in late 2023.

If you’d like a signed copy and want to add to my workload (I encourage that!) You can order the book HERE. I will make a personal dedication if you want to give it for Christmas. Just fill in the Comment box at the end of the payment process. I also have an offer on – 15% of you buy PRESIDENTS AND PRIME MINISTERS together. Click HERE.

The book is brilliantly illustrated by Zoom Rockman, and you can also purchase presidential playing card sets HERE and a set of 12 presidential cups (together or individually) HERE. They all make great Christmas presidents … just to say!

As many of you know, THE PRIME MINISTERS podcast series has been incredibly successful, with around 100,000 downloads per month. The latest episode is released in the morning and sees me talking to Boris Johnson historian Nigel Fletcher. Next week, let’s rename the podcast to PRESIDENTS AND PRIME MINISTERS. When we’re done profiling all 45 presidents with their contributors from the book, we’ll move on to PMs and presidents around the world. The first episode sees David Owen talking about Jimmy Carter.

Thanks a lot to everyone who bought the book so far. I really appreciate it.


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