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To prevent him from being elected, once again, to the post of Prime Minister of Israel, the political left in Israel framed a set of baseless criminal proceedings against Benjamin Netanyahu that had no basis to exist.

The left dragged Netanyahu into the courtroom and for several years they have been trying to find him guilty, using all means at their disposal, legal and illegal.

But the blame, in fact, bounces back and is directed at them every day as he absolves Netanyahu of his misdeeds.

The arrogance and discrimination of the left in Israel goes beyond all limits. Arrogant Tel Avivians see people on the periphery as inferior and stupid, which they are not.

In Israel, Jews from Eastern Europe, Ashkenazi Jews, view Jews from Arab countries, or from North Africa, Sephardic Jews, as inferior and with disdain.

It is therefore simply astonishing to see how lawyer Amit Haddad, an Israeli Sephardic Jew born in the southwestern Israeli outlying city of Ashkelon, who represents the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, in the trial for bribery Case 1000, manages to confront all the arrogant Tel-Aviv representing the prosecution in this case.

With professional yet simple remonstrances, Amit Haddad simply pushes them out of their mind and their arrogant comfort zone. That shows the people of Israel and the world the hypocrisy and persecution that are integral to Mr. Netanyahu’s lawsuits and investigations, as well as the hypocrisy and nebulous judgment of the left.

Trial Attorney Amit Haddad - screenshot
Trial Attorney Amit Haddad – screenshot

Amit Haddad, the “inferior” Israeli Sephardic Jew

Amit Haddad, born in 1985, is a litigation lawyer and is the founder and director of the law firm Haddad, Roth, Shanhar, Halper, & Co. One of his clients is the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Binyamin. Netanyahu, whom he represents in his trials.

Haddad was born and raised in the city of Ashkelon, in the southwest of the State of Israel. He finished his secondary studies at the Ort Afridar Institute. Afridar is a suburb of Ashkelon.

He began his military service in a pilot course, and due to medical circumstances he went on to work as an investigator and intelligence coordinator in the Military Investigative Police.

He began studying computer engineering at the Technion in the city of Haifa, but soon transferred to the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Haddad graduated with a law degree with honors and a master’s degree in criminology also with honors.

In 2011, she began her internship with Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy. After Levy’s retirement, she completed her internship at the office of Dr. Jacob Weinroth & Co.

After completing his internship in the legal profession, Haddad began working in Weinroth’s office. In 2014 he was named a partner. In November 2018, immediately after Yaakov Weinroth’s death, Haddad stepped down from his position and established his own firm. Haddad, Roth & Co.

Today, this law firm has branches in the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; employs about 40 attorneys in various departments representing real estate, tort, corporations and nonprofits, litigation, business department, crisis management, privacy protection, and defamation cases.

Haddad is a litigator in the fields of white-collar crime and in the field of civil litigation and administrative law and represents Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in cases the left has cooked up against him.

The Friends, Benjamin Netanyahu (right) with Arnon Milchan - screenshot
The Friends, Benjamin Netanyahu (right) with Arnon Milchan – screenshot

Case 1000 Trial

At the end of June 2023, the testimony of businessman Arnon Milchan began in the 1000 case that was attached to Netanyahu. Milchan was forced to testify about gifts he previously gave to the Prime Minister and his wife, gifts that were given in the context of the warm and friendly relations that existed over the years between the parties. The gifts included fine cigars, or as Netanyahu would call them, according to testimony. “leaves,” and also included champagne and jewelry for the Prime Minister’s wife.

The act of comedy

The form of investigation in the past on all the other thousands of files -2000, 3000, 4000- and also on the current case 1000 was done in a completely ridiculous way, or as Milchan defines it, “a comedy act”. This is a comedy act because the claims and evidence are ridiculous and ridiculous on their own.

The holes in the lawsuit, the lack of professionalism of both the prosecutors and the witnesses, do not contribute to any convictions, but add to the deep persuasion of the public of Israel that this entire investigation was deliberately and maliciously designed from the start. . They produce a series of legal-themed comics that no Hollywood director could have dreamed up.

Send the clowns in

It started with the testimony of witnesses Nir Hefetz and Shlomo Filber and went through the main clown Yair Lapid. Then came the testimony of Arnon Milchan, from whom they confidently expected serious testimony. But in the meantime, he got a little too stressed about where Milchan looks during testimony and what jokes he makes at the prosecution’s expense.

Even those who oppose the left side of the political map have to admit that there are smart people among leftists too. Not everyone on the left is of the Yair Lapid (currently a member of the opposition in Israel’s government) and Merev Michaeli (currently the leader of Israel’s Left Labor Party) variety.

leftist lawyers not stupid

Even when it comes to legal advisers, the prosecution and police investigators, despite the rejection they often generate, they cannot be called stupid.

But your case is stupid

Therefore, all citizens of Israel are wondering what is the reason that made them sew a criminal case in such an impromptu and crude style, that representatives of the defense can untie stitches with one hand and so easily.

It is common to think that this was done due to lack of time because they wanted to put Netanyahu on trial quickly. But the reason seems to be much deeper.

Arrogance leads to failure for the left

Believing that in the end what they want is what will happen, people on the left in the State of Israel are used to behaving arrogantly. They look at the people of the Sephardic sect – the Sephardim – and are convinced that there is no need to treat them professionally, as they lack intelligence and wisdom.

Likewise, much on the left looks at the pioneers who settled in Judea and Samaria as if their lives and personal safety don’t matter at all. And when it comes to the ultra-Orthodox Jews, there is nothing to talk about; the ignorance from which, in his opinion, they suffer, means that there is no need to treat them in a practical and serious way.

Arrogance is the only thing that brings those leftists down and fails them.

This was clearly visible with Yair Lapid, who knew that his entire political future may depend on the testimony he would give in court against Netanyahu. However, he approached it in a completely amateurish way. Someone should have guided him. But the arrogant and inferior intellectual set his own direction.

Illegal and unprofessional investigations

Also, how is it possible for the defense to find so many illegal and unprofessional parties in the conduct of the investigation? All this is not surprising because when you look down on the rest of the citizens, the real vision is clouded and the shame is revealed openly for many.

He admits Hadad beats polished Tel Avivians

It is astonishing to see how the same Mizrahi-Sephardic – Amit Haddad – who was born in the outlying city of Ashkelon, manages to face all the representatives of the prosecution against Netanyahu, the polished Telavivians, with simple counter-arguments that drive them. he mad and takes them out of his mind.

It shows the world the hypocrisy and persecution that are integral to the investigations against Netanyahu and the criminal files that were sewn on him like a designer dress.

Roni Alsheikh (left), former Israel Police Commissioner and Avichai Mandelblit, former Israel Attorney General (right), a failure for themselves and for the case: screenshot
Roni Alsheikh (left), former Israel Police Commissioner and Avichai Mandelblit, former Israel Attorney General (right): screenshot

You will not bear false witness

The 9he Commandment: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”

Children have a saying, “liar, liar, pants on fire.” He is a phrase that children like to yell at each other when they think the other is lying.

The criminal files opened against Netanyahu were backed by two men wearing Jewish skullcaps, the symbol of a religious Jew who adheres to the Ten Commandments: Avichai Mandelblit served as Israel’s Attorney General from 2016 to 2022 and Roni Alsheikh, served as attorney general. the General Commissioner of the Israel Police, from 2015 to 2018.

Both men, each in his high position, mindful of legal and security, knew full well they were lying about Netanyahu, but they took that route in hopes of undoing his post as prime minister.

By trying to overthrow Netanyahu, these two men violated 9he Commandment that instructs the civilized human being, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

All those arrogant leftists need to say goodbye to their arrogance and realize that the people outside their smug cabal where they take refuge, outside the greater Tel Aviv municipal area, are also worth something, a lot something.

Leftists know that if they want the state to act on their views, they must do so at the polls. But they also know that they are a minority and that they cannot win fairly at the polls. So they choose the route of dictatorial and illegal actions.

A lesson for Trump’s enemies in the US

The Benjamin Netanyahu Case 1000 trials should be a lesson to all those in the United States who emulate what is done to Netanyahu by persecuting President Donald Trump using the same method.

The entire civilized world is going through a lot of turmoil, much of it fueled by left-wing politics. If things don’t calm down soon, the result can be a catastrophic failure.

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