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Take a peek behind our customer service curtain.

Let’s dive into the world of support, where a particular group of superstars is making a difference: our expert happiness engineers!

In today’s post, we’ll explore how these amazing human beings make support a unique and enjoyable experience.

Our expert happiness engineers from around the world

In a world where terrible customer support has become the norm, prides itself on standing out from the rest with our exceptional service.

Happiness Engineers, or “HEs” (as we call them in the digital office), aren’t just your run-of-the-mill support staff given a word-for-word script to follow. Their enthusiasm for helping users navigate the vast world of WordPress, coupled with their unrivaled knowledge of the platform, makes them a uniquely remarkable group.

We take pride in the fact that our Happiness Engineers are spread across the globe, residing in 60 countries and 18 different time zones, allowing for 24/7 availability, regardless of their home base. . For our international customers, few companies can offer the same level of direct support.

The journey to become a happiness engineer

Now, you don’t become a Happiness Engineer overnight. For every hundred applications, only a few people are selected to move into our testing phase. Each of them then undergoes a rigorous assessment and hands-on training.

From diving into the nitty-gritty of WordPress customization and optimization, to mastering the art of troubleshooting, our happiness engineers truly are an exceptional bunch. They know our products inside and out, especially since they beta test all of our new features, acting as “product ambassadors” on behalf of you.

Committed to go further

What really sets these folks apart is their unwavering passion to go beyond the usual support model. There are no easy answers here. Happiness Engineers are experts at understanding individual user challenges, asking all the right questions, and creating custom solutions that address your unique goal or problem.

Whether you’re reaching out with a technical question or just need inspiration on what theme to use for your baking blog, our HEs are happy to answer any and all WordPress questions you have.

Foster a vibrant learning community

Your support system doesn’t need to start or end with one-on-one help from happiness engineers. Through our forums, webinars, free classes, and unparalleled support library, our HEs demystify WordPress, as well as provide creative ideas and inspiration for success.

Our team not only interact directly with customers through forums, social media, email, and chat, but also play an important role in cultivating a thriving community that encourages learning, collaboration, and connection.

Ultimately, this is what this means to you: let your creativity run wild and fearlessly undertake all your blogging pursuits and website building. Although we’ve run out of superlatives, you can be sure our happiness engineers have your back.

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