The segment on John Oliver’s trade union elimination rips off Amazon and the tactics used by other companies


Amazon is again in the sights during a new segment on breaking up syndicates from “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”.

The HBO show addressed the tech giant as part of a lengthy explanation of the tactics companies employ to discourage workers from organizing.

Amidst the blows to Amazon, Oliver pointed to what he called a “leaked internal video” from Amazon instructing its managers on warning signs to stay alert when dealing with a potential union organization. The obvious signs include the use of terms like “living wage” or “administrator,” the animated video says.

“Put aside how completely disguised it is to treat the phrase ‘living wage’ as the first warning sign of a stroke,” Oliver said in reaction to the clip, adding that Amazon’s “enormous amount of pressure is worth noting.” and others Companies can exercise on employees who are evaluating the organization.

Amazon successfully rejected a union effort by the Bessemer, Ala. Retail, wholesale, and department store union to organize nearly 6,000 warehouse workers last spring. A report a few months later by a National Labor Relations Board hearing official said that Amazon stepped out of permitted guidelines and improperly lobbied workers against unionization, and he said the elections should be redone.

Oliver’s segment arrives just a couple of days after Amazon workers at a logistics center in Staten Island, New York withdrew a petition to hold a union election after not having collected a sufficient number of signatures from workers.

Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks was also called upon by Oliver on Sunday’s show as he’s also tackling workers trying to organize themselves in cafes in Buffalo, NY


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