The Smarty mobile network creates speed dating pop-ups


The Smarty mobile network has created a speed dating pop-up, where guests can spend time bonding with video games.

The “Date the game bar”, which has taken over Platform in East London, aims to rekindle the spark in gameplay, with visitors “meeting” their way through an eclectic menu of games to find their next. big news.

Inaugurated on November 4th, the experience is divided into three areas: “Playing in the field”, “Rekindling the flame” and “Love triangles”. Each zone features different games available to play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices. There will be a mix of new games and old classics.

Game influencers will be on hand to guide people on their speed dates, with guests taking part in a game quiz on arrival to help find their ideal game match. Participants will also be offered a token that can be redeemed for a free pizza and drinks.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to engage with influencers for a chance to win video games and gaming equipment.

Pretty Green and The Producers are delivering the project.


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