The Sprout: High food prices putting pressure on food banks


Today’s sprout is offered by the Canadian Canola Growers Association. CCGA represents Canada’s 43,000 canola growers on issues that impact farm profitability. Rapeseed is a major driver of the Canadian economy and is the largest agricultural product. In 2020: 207,000 jobs, $ 11.9 billion in exports, $ 10.2 billion in agricultural revenue and $ 29.9 billion contributed to the Canadian economy. Find out more.

Have a nice day and welcome to Sprout, where it’s National Pizza Day with Everything but Anchovies. Pineapple on pizza anyone? It’s also the National Chicken Soup for Soul Day, which looks very welcoming on this gray and rainy day in Ottawa.

Now, here’s today’s farming news.

The guide

Food banks on both sides of the border are grappling with rising demand from those struggling to put food on the table as food prices soar. As reported by the Niverville Citizen, food insecurity in Manitoba it is a growing problem who only spoke with the COVID-19 crisis. Now, with the holidays just around the corner, food banks are gearing up for a busy holiday season.

And, as food insecurity problems in Canada rise, the conversation asks: why are children hungry? in a food rich country like Canada?

Meanwhile, in the United States, the food banks are struggling to feed the hungry among the high prices of food. As the Associated Press reports, higher costs and ongoing supply chain disruptions mean that some households could get smaller portions or replace commodities like peanut butter, which now costs food banks nearly double that. who paid in the past.

Around the city

Conservative MPs David Epp and Richard Lehoux have been appointed shadow deputy ministers of the party for agriculture, food and food security. Meanwhile, MP Jacques Gourde has been appointed Deputy Shadow Minister for Rural Economic Development and Rural Broadband Strategy. You can find the full list of shadow cabinet appointments here.

Olymel LP named Yanick Gervais as the new CEO. As reported by Real Agriculture, Gervais has held the role of interim CEO of the company since 11 October. 14, following the sudden death of Réjean Nadeau, who died of cancer.

In Canada

CTV News Barrie notes that delayed product shipments due to supply chain disruptions are causing cost increases and food shortages.

CBC’s Marketplace asks: Which coffee chain drink does it have? as much sugar as two cups of ice cream?

The Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Ministry of Labor claim to be investigate an agricultural accident in Amaranth, Ont. which resulted in a 21-year-old man who was flown to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The Shelburn Free Press reports.


The Chinese city of Dalian has stopped trade in frozen foods following the COVID-19 outbreak that began last week. As Reuters reports, the port city has ordered all companies handling refrigerated and frozen food to suspend operations.

The Guardian looks like record high fertilizer prices in Australia it could cut off food supplies.

Also from the Guardian: Scotland bans plastic straws and polystyrene food boxes, starting June 1st. The move is part of the government’s efforts to reduce waste and pollution.

CNBC takes a closer look at how fast food giants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s they are facing labor shortages.


the soccer player

We conclude today with a story on technological innovation. A farm near Shanghai, China has been working on developing facial recognition technology for years for his goat stove. As the South Morning China Post reports, the farm uses specially designed security cameras to recognize each goat’s characteristics, including body shape, behavior, and exercise patterns. The cameras can also pinpoint symptoms of the disease, including a sore mouth. This farm is not kidding!

That’s it for us this week. Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday.

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