The surge in crowds during Travis Scott’s performance leads to at least 8 deaths, fans aged just 16


The Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas which is the site of what it reports nicknamed a “mass incident” on Friday night. A wave of crowds during by Travis Scott performance led to at least eight deaths and more injuries, the Associated Press reported. The people who died were between 16 and 23 years old, the city mayor’s office said New York Times.

Chief of the Houston Fire Department Samuel Peña he said a wave to the stage alarmed the spectators. “People started falling, losing consciousness and creating further panic,” he told the AP. Assistant Chief of Police of Houston Larry Satterwhite he said an agreement was reached to end the show early and cancel the second day of the festival.

Twenty-three people were taken to nearby hospitals, 11 of them in cardiac arrest, according to the New York Times. Over 300 people were treated at a field hospital in NRG Park, though the AP noted it was “all day,” meaning not all of them were the result of the late evening wave.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner “He urged people not to make hasty conclusions about what caused the wave,” according to the AP, which also reported that the causes of death have not yet been determined.

Early Saturday morning, the festival released a statement via social media, saying their hearts were with “the ones we lost and their loved ones” and thanking the Houston police and firefighters. They also asked anyone with “relevant information” about the “heart arrest series” to get in touch.

As of Saturday, social media was a mess of unverified reports on the scene. A video that appears to come from the concert shows a man trying to approach the bow pit in hopes of helping people and climbing what appears to be a soundboard operator or a cameraman’s platform.

On social media, some have recalled an incident in 2015 when Scott was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after his set at Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival. Police said they encouraged fans to vault over security barriers and taunted the security guards.


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