The talented G1ftedMusic publishes four volumes of “The qWARentine”


New pop album now available


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – July 20, 2020 – When it comes to the things G1ftedMusic can’t do, the list is minimal. That’s because this Jack of All Trades is all-rounder when it comes to offering the hottest pop and EDM. Making the most of what little 2020 has to offer, he got to work and from there came not one, not two, not three, but four volumes of “The qWARentine”, available now on all major music sites and streaming.

On track to be the next Sean “P Diddy” Combs, G1ftedMusic is an upcoming force in the industry. Writer, producer and engineer, he has his hands on every aspect when in the studio and it shows in the pristine four-volume results of “qWARentine”. Each volume packs much within the boundaries of about half an hour. Instrumentals that resonate with fluid rhythms, pulsating vibrations and guests OT the Real, SueDatt and Grammy 2 winner Chainz on the track “Shinin” from the second volume of this stellar collection.

Known as the Philly super-producer, G1ftedMusic’s passion knows no bounds. He is not only an artist himself but thrives when it comes to developing other artists as well. His studio has become known as the Philly venue for musicians. G1ftedMusic currently manages five artists and co-manages OT The Real, who you can hear doing his thing in volume 1 of “the qWARentine”. Thanks to his efforts and successes so far, he has appeared on, Vibe Magazine and has had several videos on BET and MTV.

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