The threat enters the Republican mainstream

The rioters at the Capitol on January 6. The poll suggests that 30 percent of Republicans believe “true patriots” may have to resort to violence to “save” the country. Credit: Jason Andrew / The New York Times

At a conservative rally in western Idaho last month, a young man walked over to a microphone to ask when he could Start killing the Democrats.

“When can we use the guns?” he said as the audience cheered. “How many elections will they steal before we kill these people?” The local state representative, a Republican, later called him a “Right” question.

In Ohio, the leading Republican primary candidate for the Senate launched a video urging Republicans to resist the “tyranny” of a federal government for wearing masks and taking FDA-cleared vaccines.

“When the Gestapo shows up at your door”, the candidate, Josh Mandel, grandson of Holocaust survivors, said in […]


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