The world is headed for disaster due to the blind arrogance and stupidity of the Western and Ukrainian elites which takes the form of a total insistence on unattainable goals.

The goals in question cannot be questioned, that is the essence of the danger in which we all now find ourselves.

First reason for concern – Goal 1

The goal of the neoconservatives who held every position of importance after 9/11 is to transform the rest of the world, like it or not, into a mirror image of the US, subservient to the US and therefore subservient to the US. both without danger to the US This objective cannot be questioned, it is written in stone, it will never be modified until it has been 100% achieved.

Second reason to worry – Goal 2

The goal of the extremists in Ukraine (backed by the US, UK and EU) who occupied all the top posts after the coup in 2014 is to defeat and destroy Russia, a goal supported by neoconservatives on Goal 1. This goal, like Goal 1, cannot be questioned, is equally sacrosanct, and should never be withdrawn from it.

Third reason to worry – Goal 3

The goal of the Ukrainian army, as explained by its commander-in-chief, Valerii Fedorovych Zaluzhnyi, is to attack Russia and kill as many Russians as it wants and it doesn’t care who opposes it, including any of us who may be wiped out by the very likely nuclear war. which then occurs.

What is it that unites all those involved in each of the three objectives above?

It is his denial of any alternative to the chosen path. They do not foresee any other means due to the tunnel vision that everyone suffers and through which they cannot avoid making the whole world suffer.

These people see diplomacy as a barrier and a delaying tactic that will make their objectives more difficult to achieve and delay their achievement in time. They view true dialogue as a waste of time and instead use every underhanded tactic in the book to move their goal closer to achievement. They have the psychopath’s confidence in themselves and a complete lack of empathy for everyone else. They are driven men and women who don’t have time for common sense compromises or the logic of coming to terms. For each and every one of them it is all or nothing and always has been.

They would rather see no world at all than a world in which they cannot achieve their goals.

And this last characteristic, undoubtedly common to each and every one of them, must be the factor that worries each of you the most.

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