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The Top Three Things You Can Do to Make Your Carnival Event More Spectacular


All kids love carnivals, and most adults do, too. What can be more thrilling and exciting than the sight of a giant Ferris wheel or children’s laughter as they enjoy a ride on the tilt-a-whirl or carousel? On the other hand, adults always have a sense of déjà vu and nostalgia when they spend time at a carnival, and everyone knows they’re always going to have a wonderful time. But if you are planning and hosting a carnival event, some things can make your affair more spectacular and truly one of a kind. For instance, you can hire a band and performers and have a concert or dance party. Or you can go for a theme and encourage everyone to dress in costume. So what else can you do for a more fantastic event? Here are the top three things you can do to make your carnival event more spectacular. 

  1. Have the perfect theme 

A theme does something for an event or party – it somehow makes the event more magical. Besides, everyone loves a theme – and you can select a theme that goes with your carnival event (such as a carnival theme!) or choose something unique and unexpected, such as a horror theme, a 1920’s gangster theme, and more. Then you can easily centre the whole carnival around that theme and choose the décor accordingly. The key points you should remember when choosing a theme are that it should be based on the overall message you’d like to impart, and it should relate well to fun and adventure – after all, you’re having a carnival! Also, it would be best to have a theme that’s on-trend, if possible – and most of all, your theme should be one that your attendees will love. One way you can determine this is by holding a survey – ask your prospective attendees or guests what is the most appropriate theme and let them choose from a list of three-five. 

  1. Be careful with the rides and activities you select

Of course, if you have an open budget, and a big venue or location, you won’t have too much of a problem selecting the rides and activities. But not everyone has an unlimited budget and available location, so you should choose your rides and activities based on what your attendees will like and flock to. For example, if your attendees are composed of young families with toddlers and kids, it would be better if your rides and activities are mainly for that age group and demographic. So we’re looking at bouncy castles, Ferris wheels, carousels, dodgem cars, and activities like hook a duck and coconut shy, as suggested by a funfair stall for hire company like We Are Tricycle. 

If your attendees are teenagers and high school kids (which would be in most school fairs), then you can’t go wrong by choosing more thrilling rides and activities like roller coasters, giant trampolines, zip lines, and bungee jumping. 

  1. Don’t forget the food

If there’s anything that will bring your attendees together, no matter what age, it will be the food. Choose as many food stalls as possible, but don’t forget the classic carnival favourites – from ice cream sundaes to candy floss, hotdogs, and popcorn. You can also include some trendy food trucks, such as taco and milk tea food trucks, to give your attendees more choices! 



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