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So this is serious, there is a huge scam called binary options, it is also known as cryptocurrency exchange scam and it has been defrauding people not just millions, not just tens of millions, but hundreds and millions of dollars. People are being defrauded by this big scam Ponzi scheme, whatever it is. Now, I am going to dig in and expose a little bit of this scam that has been written about, but I want you to understand how this scam works so that you can prepare yourself and protect yourself from falling victim to this that is taking tons of money from tons of people, it is very sad. So the name of the scam is binary options and I’m going to go over a few different indications of what’s going on with this scam and I’m also going to show you some ads right here on my computer about what these sites look like and so you know how to avoid them when they appear. Now the first thing that comes out of this is that this scam is called binary options but actually it has changed a lot because it is now also known by the name of cryptocurrency trading.

Many people say that you can trade cryptocurrencies and how it works is that you are offered a free trading account. Usually you trade on the internet, you can get a free trading account that will make you a lot of money. Now, after setting up your free trading account, you will start receiving calls from telemarketers asking you to deposit a small sum of $250 into your account to start trading and have the robot earn you more money. Now here we are on my computer and you can see an example of one of the ads being run for this type of scam now there are millions of variations of this type of ad this is often the bad side of affiliate marketing there are many affiliate marketers pretending this scam and profiting for themselves and also using illicit methods of advertising like cloaking and black hat advertising and all these kinds of things. So often the way this works is that celebrities take ownership of the reform. In this case, this British person here, I’m assuming he’s a famous journalist, is used in this ad.

Another thing that they are going to hate me for investing in this all you need is one hundred and eighty dollars and an internet connection. Well? All you need is one hundred and eighty pounds and an internet connection again one hundred and eighty pounds is the equivalent of two hundred and fifty dollars so all the numbers usually all you need is this amount of money and they will say all you need is that and an internet connection. I am going to go into detail about how the scam gets millions of dollars out of people in a second. What you will see is an example from one of the pages, Martin Lewis helping out British families with the revolutionary Bitcoin home-based opportunity. So again the scam that used to be known as binary options has gotten into cryptocurrency and bitcoin territory but the way it works is they make you deposit a menial sum of two hundred and fifty dollars into a trading account but after a while what happens is the traders will say you turned that one hundred and fifty dollars into a thousand dollars.

They’ll say great, they’ll say let’s go all-in, and they’ll ask you to deposit larger and larger amounts of money, and they’ll be incredibly resistant to letting any of the money out. So the way it works is they keep making you believe that you are making a lot of money. Your trading account shows that you are making thousands and thousands of dollars and they ask you to keep putting more and more of your income in order to make more and more money faster. The reality is that you are not actually making any money and they are just trying to get as much of your money as possible until you start saying you want to withdraw it. Now what happens when you want to withdraw your money is they start to put it on the side and send you to a different department where you will never get your money back. the point is that the entire scam is supposed to be in israel and they will never let you take your money out, in fact every dollar you put into the binary options or crypto or bitcoin trading account is gone.

It’s gone, it’s gone to the affiliate commissions, to the sales people and to the owners of the companies that organize everything in Israel. Now, this scam is not allowed in the US In fact, Israeli companies will not touch the US because the US has such vast authority over the world in terms of military might and all that. The Securities and Exchange Commission can see that I’m on a website that I’m on at right here and they have a whole section on binary options fraud and they say you can lose money quickly and the problems are: refusal to credit client’s account or refund funds. manipulation of identity theft or software to generate losing trades exactly what I am talking about.

The exaggerated investment returns now all these options just touch the tip of the iceberg and the article that says the best for this whole scam that has generated hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of customers’ wallets is here on The Times of Israel website. You see, it says that the wolves of Tel Aviv Israel expose the great amoral binary options scam. Now, I once knew someone who actually ran one of these companies and I actually visited some of these companies once when I was visiting Israel. He was a friend of a friend and he was supposed to show me a good time in Israel and I visited his office in Maybach to see how everything was going, it’s crazy. The sellers are all young Israelis who are making loads of cash, they have no morals, all they are doing is trying to take as much money as possible from the bank accounts of the elderly, in many cases.

This article perfectly details the wolves of the great Tel Aviv Israel moral choice scandal exposed and goes into detail about the luxurious office spaces these companies own, the working conditions, how they lie to their eyes, you know the wolf of wall street and you know Jordan Belfort Jordan Belfort talks about these companies, let’s look at some of this stuff. As you can see here, he says that Lynn’s job was to call people who had paid $200 to use the robot and persuade them to go deeper. Now, the thing is, these companies, the way they start, the way the sellers calculate how much money they need to deepen that stake, is they don’t raise the price, they ask you how much money is in your entire bank account.

It gets worse, they will ask you how much money is in your bank account and then they will ask you what your credit limit is and how many credit cards you have. They don’t just go for all the money in your bank account, but all the money that you have any kind of access to, they go for everything and what they do is in Israel, they just pay tons of commissions to their vendors and affiliates. They also charge part of the money here. Here’s one from a former employee of one of these companies. They told me to tell people that I had years of experience in the market that I had studied at Oxford and worked for the Bank of Scotland. This scam, this scam is the most sociopathic scam out there on the internet right now. It is horrible what is happening with these companies, these binary options companies out of Israel. They can only operate from Israel because Israel is the only country that will allow these companies to exist. a kind of money that is taking away people’s retirement. I am now going to leave a link to this article in the comments below. If you know of anyone who has been fooled by this scam or similar scams, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to know what happened and also if you would like me to expose more of these types of intended internet scams please let me know because I will be exposing more scams that I know of from my years of experience working on the internet. Also give this video a big Like if it was helpful in any way and also subscribe to my channel if you want to learn more about legit ways to make money as an affiliate marketer.

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