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You can now browse the web via ChatGPT on mobile, but only via Bing, thanks to the latest update. According to OpenAI, ChatGPT Additionally, users can use a new feature called Navigation to search for information on Bing.

OpenAI also added drag and drop functionality to the ChatGPT app for iOS and iPadOS earlier this month. Individual messages can now be dragged and dropped into other apps.

how is it made

The iOS and Android ChatGPT apps now support browsing. You can enable navigation by selecting GPT-4 in the model selector and then browsing from the new features section. To do this, you must choose Browse with Bing from the drop down menu.

According to OpenAI, navigation is useful for catching up on current events and looking up information outside of the original bot training material. Originally, the ChatGPT database was only updated to 2021. If you turn off the navigation feature, the AI ​​will fall back to the original database.

Is Microsoft restricting CHATGPT?

ChatGPT has become a more useful navigation assistant, which Microsoft and OpenAI originally claimed would be available this year. However, limiting ChatGPT’s search capabilities to Bing seems like a bottleneck. But OpenAI has a close partnership with Microsoft, which has invested more than $10 billion in the company. Commercial incentives seem to be evident here.

To add to that, Bing is far from the be all and end of search engines.

In 2011, an investigation revealed that Bing may have been unfairly favoring Microsoft results over Google links. Most recently, Stanford researchers discovered an alarming amount of misinformation in Bing’s top search results.

Looking beyond the limitations

When it comes to summarizing extensive research papers or have a question on a specific topic, ChatGPT’s navigation feature really comes in handy. Also, you can provide the exact link to the research topics when raising the query. However, it should be noted that if the bot cannot access the content directly, it can lead to problems. This usually happens when a website provides a link to the PDF embedded within it or has a scanned copy of the information. If the information is directly accessible from the website and easily accessible, then you will get the answer you need.


As more people start using ChatGPT on a daily basis, the new mobile app will increase in popularity. And compared to Google Gemini and DeepMindChatGPT stands out as our current pick for the best AI Chatbot.

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