The United States falters under Biden. Notice China and Russia.


Ever since Joe Biden took office, it has been one bad thing after another on the national front. A surge in coronavirus cases and deaths (even with the vaccine), a supply chain crisis, runaway inflation, an increase in violent crime, etc.

There have also been a number of setbacks internationally, and these are directly attributable to Biden. The debacle in Afghanistan was the worst and most important. It practically solved the question, if there was one, whether Biden was competent to be president and whether, during his presidency, America had any international credibility.

There was also Biden’s mismanagement of the Australia-US-UK defense pact which caused a deterioration in US relations with France, an important ally. And remember that Biden has decided not to obstruct the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will help Vladimir Putin’s European power games.

Here is another: the situation in Yemen. In the early days of his presidency, Biden decided to remove Yemen’s Houthi rebels from the list of foreign terrorist organizations. He also withdrew arms support for the coalition that aids the government of Yemen.

Biden hoped to appease Iran and show good will towards the Houthis. Perhaps he also wanted to strike Saudi Arabia in the eye, leader of the coalition that supports the government of Yemen, for the sin of being friendly with the Trump administration (my enemy’s friend is my enemy).

These are just speculations on my part. But we don’t need to speculate on how the Houthis responded to Biden’s Jimmy Carteresque concessions.

The Wall Street newspaper points out that the Houthi forces have achieved substantial territorial conquests and, encouraged by them, have stepped up their offensive in the province of Marib, the last northern stronghold of the internationally recognized government.

Marib is an oil-rich region. His capture would be a great victory for the Houthis.

The Houthi forces also have attacked Saudi Arabia itself. They target the kingdom’s airports and oil production facilities.

Then, last week, the Houthis stockpiled the US embassy complex. We had long ago moved our staff to Saudi Arabia, but the Houthis took US security personnel hostage.

State Department spokesman Ned (“look on the bright side”) Price says “most of those arrested are no longer in custody.” Yes, and most Americans in Afghanistan seem to be out. But what about the others?

Under Joe Biden, the United States is about to become “a pitiful and defenseless giant,” to borrow Richard Nixon’s description.

Our enemies have noticed. China has become increasingly threatening towards Taiwan. Russia has become increasingly threatening towards Ukraine (remember when the Democrats pretended to be interested in that county?). Indeed, Douglas MurrayIn a vicious article about Biden’s inability to lead the West, he notes that the US government has warned the EU that it thinks Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine. Certainly, Russia is amassing the troops needed to carry out an invasion.

These things didn’t happen when Donald Trump was president. Why? Because under Trump, America didn’t behave like a pitiful helpless giant.


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