The unvaccinated will lead a “miserable and very lonely life,” warns Australia’s best doctor – RT World News


The head of the Australian Medical Association in Queensland has issued an obscure warning to those who refuse Covid vaccination, saying that not only will they face fines and fraud charges, but they will be separated from the rest of society.

Life will be miserable without being vaccinated. You will not be able to hide, “Dr. Chris Perry said this week while speaking on Australia’s Channel 9 television network.

The president of the medical association was discussing the future of Queensland residents who decide to evade a vaccination mandate. An appeal to those who have decided not to get vaccinated “crazy, “He said,”There’s a whole pile of problems, a whole pile of problems if you try to get around the system. “

Even those who have the exemption from compulsory vaccination will have to face difficulties, because “I won’t be able to get a doctor signed [that] worn out,“Perry said during his speech, warning doctors of possible fines for deciding to bar someone from the jab.”Patients who tell lies can be accused of fraud, “He added.

This week, the Queensland government announced it will extend mandates on coronavirus vaccines to include all private healthcare workers. People had until December 15 to receive double evidence and submit evidence to continue not only with their work but also with their private life as usual.

You won’t be able to go anywhere for any entertainment, “Perry told viewers, noting that proof of a fully vaccinated person will be required to leave.”in most places. “To those who don’t have a certificate, he said,

You will have a very, very lonely life.

Fines of AU $ 1,378 have been announced for those Queensland residents who are believed to have violated orders related to the pandemic. Meanwhile, businesses have been advised to call the police if there is a suspected violation. “Pubs and clubs will have to find out if people are vaccinated before allowing them to enter, otherwise their businesses will fail, ”According to the chief physician.

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Australia, which has recorded around 188,000 out of 252 million virus cases worldwide, has some of the toughest Covid-related restrictions in the world. Its citizens have experienced some of the longest and most severe lockdowns as well as vaccination warrants in some areas.

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