The WSJ updates staff on how they help their Afghan colleagues


Editor of the Wall Street Journal Matt Murray Wednesday sent the following to the staff:


We would like to update you on our Afghan colleagues and their families who were evacuated from Kabul in August – and extend our thanks for the generous concern people across the Dow Jones have expressed for their well-being.

Our group is safe and in several locations. In all, Dow Jones supports the resettlement of 91 people. Our evacuation route was unable to reach the United States directly, so our displaced people, like those of many other media organizations, are safe in third countries: 77 temporarily in Mexico City, three in Dubai, three in Kiev, five in Tajikistan and two in New Delhi. Unfortunately, a family member was injured on his way to the Kabul airport and is recovering in Afghanistan.

The majority of the group – 74 people in all – asked to be resettled in Canada, where several families have relatives. The others opted for the USA

A team of Legal, People, Finance and News has been busy bringing about this resettlement, with John Bussey direct the overall effort. The application process in Canada is moving relatively quickly. Our group will probably start getting checked in the next few weeks. The US process – lengthened by the volume of Afghan refugees seeking resettlement – is proving a bit slower. We are confident that we will bring our colleagues to both countries. The calendar, however, will require patience.

Meanwhile, the families are active in their current premises. Dow Jones has sponsored four of the group for Journalism Scholarships at the University of Toronto, with which they are currently engaged online and who will attend in person when visas are approved. DJ also organized English lessons three times a week for the whole group in Mexico City. We also have the group vaccinations required to enter the United States and Canada and have contracted with a local resettlement agency and hospital to meet medical and mental health needs. The families stay in a residence hotel in Mexico City where they have a kitchenette. We purchased halal food and the families generously treated the DJ staff with home cooked meals. The resettlement agency also organized excursions to museums and other places in the city, including an Islamic center.

Supporting our colleagues and their families and ensuring their successful start to a new life remains a top priority for the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones. We are all incredibly grateful for the tremendous efforts being made across the company to help these esteemed colleagues and their families start their new lives.

We look forward to providing you with updates on their progress.


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