There are questions Republican politicians should be asked that could expose their humanity, ethics, cowardice, or corruption. Trump supporters should be forced to ask confrontational questions why they believe in the hypocrisy and corruption of Trump and the MAGA ideology. – Baby Boomer Resistance: A Pro-Democracy Blog – News Block

Republicans in office should have to answer questions without speaking out loud to deflect or criticize Democrats. They refuse to directly answer questions put to them, instead defending lies about opponents or downplaying the issue the question is addressing.

How and why did the Republican party side with authoritarianism? Is it a pathological hunger for power, greed, and self-interest? Is it racism? Misogyny? Homophobia? Or fear of a buffoonish and clichéd version of an autocrat? Whatever the reason, the party takeover, enabled by both silent members of Congress and MAGA members of Congress, only encourages true patriotic Americans to fight back. The GOP now supports insurgents, white nationalists, the NRA, and is against law enforcement, the rule of law, and equality for all Americans. Justice is coming, hopefully not only for Trump but also for the members of Congress who abandoned their oath of allegiance to the dangerous autocrat.


  • What do you think the DOJ should do if it finds 100 classified documents (some of them top-secret military documents) at Joe Biden’s house?
  • What do you think the Justice Department should do if Joe Biden lied to the FBI about having classified documents?
  • Would you call Trump asking the Georgia Secretary of State to find 11,780 votes to give him victory over Biden’s election interference? But because?
  • What consequences should Joe Biden suffer if it is determined that he paid money to shut up a porn star?
  • Would you say that Attorney General Barr waded into cases involving Trump allies and ordered investigations that Trump requested examples of weaponry from the Department of Justice? If not, please explain.
  • If the Democrats found out that Joe Biden was making money from the office of president, would they insist that the Justice Department charge him with violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution? If so, shouldn’t Trump be charged with the same crime because there is evidence that he promoted his business as president? But because?
  • Trump promised to replace Obamacare with a better plan, pass an infrastructure bill and build a wall on the southern border. He didn’t keep those promises. Can you admit that you failed? But because?
  • Joe Biden passed five bipartisan bills. Trump had fewer legislative achievements. Can you admit that fact? But because?
  • Was Trump’s call for the FBI to lock up Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election an example of election interference? But because?
  • Should morality be a criterion for an American president? If so, should infidelity, dishonesty, breaking the law, tax evasion and racism disqualify a candidate?
  • What request from Trump would make him denounce him?
  • Are you in favor of allowing your party to challenge laws it doesn’t like? Do you think there should be prosecutions of Democrats for defying the same laws? If so why?
There was no “robbery”. More than 60 judges, many of them Trump appointees, have thrown out Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. Trump and his co-conspirators have produced no evidence of fraud. Why do his followers believe everything he says? Trump’s talent for scaring and brainwashing gullible Americans and exposing racists in the electorate may explain blind loyalty. These questions to Trump supporters could also be clarifying;
  • Would you still support Trump if he eliminated Social Security and Medicare benefits? If so, explain
  • If Trump made interracial marriage illegal, would you support it? Explain a yes or a no.
  • If Joe Biden cheated on his wife, would you campaign to have him removed from office? If so, why doesn’t Trump’s serial infidelity disqualify him?
  • An investigation based on laws that have been proven to have been broken cannot be called a “witch hunt”. Do you agree? If not, please explain.
  • Do you know that dictators call the mainstream media “fake news, call for their opponents to be jailed, believe they have absolute and unchecked power, and insist on total loyalty to the regime”? Do you agree with these messages only if your party is in power? If so, explain.
  • Why do you think so many generals and admirals view Trump as incompetent and dangerous to be commander in chief? Explain.
  • As part of a pledge of allegiance, if Trump asked you to pay back the Biden stimulus money you received during the pandemic, would you do so? But because?
  • Are you in favor of segregating all non-whites in their own communities?
  • How do you explain why so many white supremacists and Nazi groups support Donald Trump?
  • Did you approve when Trump showed classified information to Russian officials in the Oval Office when he was president? If so, explain.
  • Do you support mental health testing being included in the physical for presidential candidates of both parties? But because?
  • Should future presidential candidates be required to pass a test on the Constitution? If not, please explain.
    • Curious about how much Trump’s abuse of the judicial system has cost taxpayers?
    • Families who heard Trump’s lies that COVID is no more dangerous than the flu have come forward to blame Trump for the deaths of their unmasked and unvaccinated mothers, fathers, grandparents, children and siblings. Do you think that a president should not give medical advice when he has no scientific training?
    • If you don’t get vaccinated, did you drink bleach to cure COVID when you caught it? But because?
  • Do you know how many of Trump’s lawyers and allies have been indicted, gone to jail, lost their careers, or lost their law licenses? How do you explain that?
  • Have you heard Trump admit to committing all the crimes he is accused of in televised interviews?
  • Instead of supporting Trump, why not support a candidate who is not an accused criminal who has been found civilly liable for white collar fraud, deception, and sexual abuse?
  • How do you justify Trump stealing documents from the government? Are you aware that Trump does not understand
  • Trump said he had mixed golf shirts in the boxes of classified information. Do you think that is appropriate? If so why?
  • Legal experts say Hunter Biden was charged with crimes most people are not charged with because he is the president’s son. Don Jr. incited the insurrection with his father, called for jailing his father’s political opponents and was part of the Trump University fraud cases. Trump Charity and Trump Organization. Do you agree that the former president’s son should not be investigated or prosecuted for serious crimes? Do you see that the politicization has favored the Republicans, not the Democrats?

The only way we grow as people is by questioning our motives, beliefs, and opinions. We should do the same with our political leaders.

Believe the truth over lies. Facts about conspiracy theories. Evidence about fantasy.

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