“There is a misplaced perception of people’s individual right to make a decision that replaces social security” (VIDEO)


Dr Fauci on Sunday told CBS “Sunday Morning” senior contributor Ted Koppel that there is an “out of place perception” about the rights of people replacing “social security.”

“One of the things that has been most difficult for me to accept is that we have put together a good plan to try to stem the spread of the infection by thinking it is accepted by everyone,” Fauci told Koppel. . “And then, the next day you have the president [Trump] saying, ‘Michigan free. Free Virginia. ‘ I didn’t quite understand what the purpose of this was, except to put this misplaced perception on people’s individual right to make a decision that replaces the security of society. This, for me, is one of the things that, I believe, went wrong in all of this. “

“Have you ever raised it with President Trump?” Koppel asked.

“You know, I didn’t have the opportunity to pick him up. I was a little shocked, and then I didn’t speak to him for a while after that. But it was at that point that I realized I should go out alone and say things. that it would be clearly contradictory – that it was much worse than we’re saying it was, that it won’t go away tomorrow, it won’t disappear as if by magic, “Fauci said.

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And that’s precisely why Fauci, an unelected bureaucrat (and sociopath), should NEVER make decisions for the American people.


Watch the full interview below:


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