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baby leaks has spoken openly about his eldest son’s battle with addiction after his recent drug bust.

He “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum granted an exclusive interview with charles king for an episode of yours “Reality with the King” podcast. There he revealed that his son bryson bryant he has dealt with his substance abuse for several years. According to Leakes, she has tried several times to help her son through rehab, though she has relapsed after each period. At this point, the 55 years He says there’s not much more he can do.

“As a mom, just to see it, my hands are tied. There isn’t much you can do. People who have had children or family members who have used drugs know that they must be prepared. They just have to be ready,” he told the TV mogul.

She admitted that she tested tough love on Bryant by forcing him into treatment facilities multiple times. However, after receiving therapy herself, she learned that there was no way she could make her 33 years change until ready. On the other hand the Linnethia Hall The owner said she is “numb to the situation.”

Bryant was arrested on 3rd of July on numerous charges, including possession of a controlled substance. They also accused him of telling the police that Brent was his brother when he was arrested. Police later determined that the drugs Bryant had with him were fentanyl. The father of three remains within the Gwinnett County Jail in a $6,100 bonus.

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