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I’m taking the week off to do a lot of fun things with my kids. While I’m away, the most popular posts of the year so far will reappear.

I spend a lot of time talking to myself. I often do this while riding my bike. Sometimes I do it to motivate myself to get over a hill. Other times I do it because I’m figuring out a problem and I think speaking out loud helps me with that. All that to say, TED-Ed has a new lesson on the subject of talking to yourself.

Is it normal to talk to yourself? it’s a lesson in why we talk to ourselves and the effects of talking to ourselves. The big takeaway from the lesson is that positive self-talk can be good for you and negative self-talk is bad for you. That may seem obvious to many of us, but it’s a good reminder nonetheless. Watch the lesson here or as included below.

As I watched the lesson, I couldn’t help but think of Napoleon Hill’s book. Think and Grow Rich which I read a decade ago. The book emphasizes positive self-talk. Before you run out to buy a copy of it, I should point out that in recent years some of the book has been exposed as factual fabrication.

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