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12 Things I Know Now That I’m 43 That I’d Like To Know At 23:

1) Stop using workouts to help you look better. Instead, focus on gaining strength, energy, and staying disease-free.

2) My diet affects my mood and emotions. I take out exactly what I put in.

3) Nothing matters more than the people and animals in your life. Nothing on your phone is more important than the connection you have with those you love around you. Hang up the phone, you will never get your time with them back.

4) Pornography and fake celebrity lifestyles are not real life. The connection matters more than the physical appearance.

5) I can say no. I don’t have to put myself in situations that make me feel uncomfortable to satisfy other people.

6) The aging process can be slowed down if I take good care of my body, my diet and my lifestyle.

7) Sometimes life is just cruel. What will be will be no matter how much you worry. All you can do is enjoy the day and be the best version of yourself all the time.

8) Some people are just idiots. You can’t change them, so don’t waste your energy on them.

9) Time disappears fast. I will never get these days back so I need to make the most of my life. I want to live 100 years, not 1 year x 100 times.

10) Spend time with your parents. You don’t have as much time with them as you think.

11) Nobody gives a shit about your excuses or the bad luck story you keep telling yourself. We all have the same opportunities in life. You either take action or make excuses for being lazy.

12) Comparing yourself to others is a huge waste of time.

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