This $ 9,100 iPhone 13 Pro case made from dinosaur will take a bite out of your wallet – Geek review


Cases for iPhone 13 They come in different colors, styles, and price ranges, but these new iPhone 13 Pro cases from Caviar take it to the next level. The company recently unveiled a new line of cases with ridiculous price tags, including the “Tyrannophone” made of real dinosaur teeth for over $ 9,000.

Caviar is known for high-end cases and covers for all kinds of products and has just released several new cases for the iPhone 13 Pro series. The most interesting of the trio is the Case for tyrannophone, which costs nearly $ 8,610 for the iPhone 13 Pro or $ 9,150 for the Pro Max.

For those sky-high prices, the Tyrannophone case has a durable aluminum frame, a titanium T-Rex dinosaur head, rivers of 24k gold, and one of the teeth is from a real T-Rex tooth. The company even used an amber stone for the dinosaur’s eye.


Considering the case uses an actual T-Rex tooth fossil, which is likely over 80 million years old, the company has only created seven cases. It’s not like you can easily find or acquire dinosaur teeth. As a result, the case comes at a high price point that is sure to take a bite out of your wallet.

And if you thought $ 9,150 for an iPhone case was crazy, wait to hear about the following case offered by the company. Caviar also released the Teradiamond case for iPhone 13 Pro Max, which costs nearly $ 50,000. Yes, you read that right – $ 50k.

The Teradiamond case protects your $ 1,300 “budget” phone with a titanium bezel, while half of the back is covered with 14-karat gold engraved for a nice elegant look. Hence, mixed with 14K gold is a pattern of over 1,028 diamonds and 128 rare rubies. It’s definitely flashy, and considering diamonds are a little easier to get hold of than dinosaur teeth, Caviar has built 18 of these cases for potential buyers.

So, if you have tons of extra cash burning a hole in your pocket or want to own an extremely rare case, grab yours from the link below.

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