This man was in sixth grade when his mother found a very clever way to teach him how “Democrats are bad”


Okay, folks, I may have found the man who has the best mom in America. She’s the smartest, though, and I loved this story she told, so I wanted to share it with you.


I don’t know the name of this man; I wish I had, but now I know a little piece of his youth, and it’s very special. So, tell this story of how when he was in sixth grade, his mother took him and his brother for a ride in the car, so he could teach them a thing or two about politics, even if they didn’t know that was what they wanted. . I would do.

He stopped in front of a Catholic church and a Jewish synagogue and asked the boys what they saw attached to the church.

They looked and said “schools”.

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Their mom then went to some black churches, parked the car and asked the kids what they saw attached to the church. They looked and saw nothing. His mother said, “the church takes our money and asks for our support, but it doesn’t give anything back to the black community.”

Mom stopped and looked at her two boys, and said, “Do you know who else does that?”

The boys shake their heads, in the dark, and she says, “Democrats.”


Now, you have to watch the way he tells the story because he does it so much better than me!

You can watch the video below:

This is so true, and it is so frustrating.

But all politicians do it, don’t they? How long have Republicans been doing this to us? How long has Lindsey Graham been moving on with Hannity promising to do this and that, and nothing ever happens, yet we still send our hard-earned dollars to the GOP.


When we all saw the bogus 2020 election taking place, were the Republicans there to rally on our side? No.

Maybe we all need to take a ride with this man’s awesome mom.


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