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Thousands of protests against Covid-19 immunity passes have taken place in several Italian cities. In Trieste the demonstration was marked by small clashes between some demonstrators and the riot police.

The weekly demonstration in the port city of northern Italy attracted around 8,000 people, according to police estimates. The event was mostly peaceful, but some violence occurred in the evening when a group of about 200 activists tried to break through the police barriers and enter Piazza Unità d’Italia. The police resisted, forcing the crowd to withdraw and disperse, local media reported.

In Milan, an anti-Green Pass march of several thousand demonstrators deviated from the route approved by the authorities, causing some disruption to traffic. The incident did not lead to any confrontation with the police.

There were some negative expectations for an event in Novara, with Mayor Alessandro Canelli appealing to the organizers to cancel it. A week earlier, a similar demonstration sparked backlash from the Italian Jewish community after activists wore striped vests that resembled the robes of concentration camp prisoners. The protest on Saturday went as planned without incident.

Introduced in September, Green Passes are Italy’s way of pushing vaccination mandate skeptics to get vaccinated. The certificate is required in the workplace and is issued after receiving a vaccine or having a negative Covid-19 test within the past two days. Italy was among the first EU nations to implement the policy, which is also among the most restrictive of its kind in the bloc. In mid-October, a protest against the crossings at the port of Trieste turned into a riot.

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The Italian riot police fires tear gas and water cannons against the anti-Covid health pass demonstrators blocking the port of Trieste (VIDEO)

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