Three Possible Ways of How You Can Transfer Contacts from Outlook to iPhone


MS Outlook plays an important role in putting daily life in order, especially with regard to email management. If you are a big Outlook fan and own an iPhone at the same time, you should know how to sync contacts to iPhone and vice versa. There are several ways to complete this task. In this article, we will share with you three easy ways of how to sync contacts from Outlook on your iPhone.

Sync with Additional Software

The best way to import Outlook contacts to iPhone is to use the relevant software. For instance, a universal iOS data management software that can help you transfer files, between gadgets and PCs, and transfer contacts between Outlook and iOS devices in particular. Start by downloading and installing the tool on your PC and follow the instructions. It will really save you time and get you out of trouble.

Sync with iTunes

Using iTunes is another simple option for transferring your contacts. Please, follow these actions:

  1. Launch iTunes and check if you need to update the version to avoid software errors that may occur during the transfer. Connect your gadget to your PC with a help of a USB cable;
  2. Go to the iPhone copying after iTunes recognizes it. Click on the Info tab at the top;
  3. Click on the box next to Sync Contacts and choose Outlook from the drop-down menu. You can sync all your contacts or only chosen ones. Then, click Apply to start the sync process;
  4. Pay attention to the fact that you have to check “Allow access for” when the program notifies you about the attempts of getting access to its data by iTunes and press to confirm.

Sync via the iCloud Control Panel

iCloud allows users to sync various data and docs, create an up-to-date backup of your gadget, etc. Before you begin using it for transferring your Outlook files to your iPhone, please ensure you made a backup of your Outlook PST file in advance.

  1. Sign in to iCloud. Start by installing the iCloud Control Panel on your laptop. Then activate it and enter your iCloud account;
  2. Import the backup to iCloud. Download the Outlook .pst file you just created and set iCloud .pst as default;
  3. Choose Contacts in iCloud. Go back to the iCloud home screen, make sure you’ve deactivated the “Contacts with Outlook” function, and then press to confirm;
  4. Start the synchronization process. Sign in to your iOS gadget, launch the iCloud – Contacts. You will see that your data from Outlook have been moved to your device.

Whether you still have troubles with syncing data via iCloud, please ensure that both iPhone and laptop are signed in with the same Apple ID. Also, pay attention to the amount of data: if it exceeds the limit, then the data will not be updated.


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