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Throwing parties, afflicting a dog and falling in love with the TV weatherman

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Queen Elizabeth was left “distressed” by the death of one of her oldest and most faithful dogs in the months before her own death, and took special steps to ensure the dog’s remains were brought back to Windsor so they could be buried next to one of his old friends, it was reported on Saturday.

However, he was said to be in “brilliant shape”, just four days before his death, hosting a casual dinner for some of his cousins. The report will add to the feeling that your health decreased dramatically and unexpectedly in a very short period of time.

The informal dinner took place the Sunday before his death. A source told the Sun:: “It was unusual since it was very casual. No one was elegantly dressed. But the queen was in brilliant form, she was very, very cheerful. She was funny, she was joking. She was optimistic.”

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the daily mail Reports by Richard Kay that her “dorgi” (a cross between a dachshund and a corgi) Candy died at the ripe old age of 18 at the start of the Queen’s summer vacation in Balmoral, Scotland. The queen left for Scotland at the end of July.

Kay says the queen departed from the convention of burying dogs on the property where they expire, instead taking Candy back to Windsor and requesting that the dog be buried near her long-term companion, a corgi named Vulcan. .

Her household staff were shocked by the move and “saw it as a sign that the queen fully intended to return to Windsor at the end of the holidays to supervise the laying of the headstone herself,” says Kay.

the daily mail He adds that, in his final weeks, he had become mildly obsessed with a famous BBC meteorologist named Tomasz Schafernaker, with a source saying: “It was like a little crush; she always wanted to see the picks when he was on. She was amused to hear the cadences when her name was read to her, but she also loved to watch it”.

Queen Elizabeth II dies ‘peacefully’ at the age of 96. King Carlos III succeeds her.

When it was suggested that she might not swear in new Prime Minister Liz Truss, the Sun tell, the Queen he apparently replied, “Of course I have to, it’s my job.”

the Mail she also cites a senior Scottish churchman, Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields, who had lunch with her on Sunday, four days before her death.

He said: “She was talking about her past, her love for Balmoral, her father, her mother, Prince Philip, horses, very much engaged with what was happening in the church and what was happening in the nation as well… when I left her on Sunday I was very positive, and I find it hard to believe that in those few days things have changed so much.

the Mail He adds that just two days before his death, on Tuesday, he spoke with his racehorse trainer, Clive Cox, about his love affairs with his horse.

Cox said, “We talked about the filly, how the race might go, how another horse of hers in my stable was doing and a couple of other things. She was as sharp as a thumbtack.”

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