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Fortunately, it’s a small price hike.

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After a few years of playing it safe, music services are starting to raise their prices. And the latest platform with a price hike is Tidal. Starting August 1, customers with a Tidal HiFi membership will pay $11 per month, up from the previous price of $10 per month.

Note: The prices discussed in this article are specific to US Tidal subscribers. Having said that, Billboard reports that other countries will also experience a price increase.

This is the first price increase for Tidal’s HiFi subscription, which was introduced in 2021. And all things considered, it’s a pretty smooth price increase: you’ll pay just an extra $1 each month. Notably, Apple Music also costs $11 per month.

That said, if you’re on the Tidal HiFi Family plan, this price hike is a bit of a pain. Family Plan subscribers will now pay $17 per month instead of $15. If you’re footing the bill and sharing this plan with your friends, now might be the time to ask them for a contribution.

Other tidal plans are not affected by this price increase. If you’re on the free tier or if you’re a HiFi Plus subscriber, you have nothing to worry about. And Tidal will continue to offer discounts to students, first responders, active military, and veterans.

I should point out that Spotify is only $10 and hasn’t increased in price in over a decade. But Spotify’s audio quality is below Tidal and Apple Music. And Spotify recently told investors it is “ready to raise prices,” pending negotiations with record labels. So if you enjoy Tidal, stick with it.

Source: Tidal via Engadget

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