Tim Cramer exposes “the most dangerous thing” happening in our country this week (video) | The Gateway Expert | by Jim Hoft – News Block

tim cremer He has very popular TikTok and Instagram channels. Since he is a conservative, his TikTok account has been removed numerous times.

This recent video of Tim’s has over 43,200 likes and millions of views.

Tim Cramer: I don’t care what else is going on on the planet. I don’t care if there are aliens landing. I don’t care if there’s a war. I don’t care if there’s a new disease. I don’t give two shits. What matters to me is the most important thing that is happening in this country right now, and that is that a federal judge has told the federal government that he cannot censor us. And the federal government in particular, the Biden administration, is calling on that. THEY, as a government, believe they have the right, the right to silence your voices. Because they don’t agree with what you’re saying or what you’re saying. It will get them into trouble, expose their lies and their corruption. No, they can’t have that. That is the most dangerous thing that is happening in this country. Not eight-foot stuff in Nevada, not the wildfires in Canada. Your government goes to court for the right to censor you. Wake the fuck up.

Here’s the video on Rumble in case the elites take it down.

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