Today Russia is freer than the “free world” by Paul Craig Roberts


Americans and the people of Great Britain, Europe, Canada and Australia have heard for decades that they live in the “free world”. This world contrasted with the Soviet world, where civil liberty was replaced by internal passports, with punishments for those who criticized the authorities and disagreed with the narrative, and with warrants issued by a dictator instead of laws by elected representatives.

It is ironic that today it is the Western world that has the characteristics that were assigned to life under the Soviet government: internal Covid passports, censorship to tell the truth, and now, today (November 14, 2021), the Chancellor of Austria, a “Free country”, one third of Austrian citizens have been placed under house arrest and are blocked from tomorrow (Monday).

House arrest of millions of Austrian citizens will be carried out by the Austrian Gestapo. Austrian interior minister Karl Nehammer boasted: “From tomorrow, every citizen, every person living in Austria must be aware that he can be controlled by the police.”

Shades of Stalinist Russia! And it’s not just Austria. The Australian government has used the “Covid pandemic” to establish a dictatorial government that looks more and more Nazi with each passing day. Canada seems to be only a step or two behind. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has warned extraordinary measures are on the way to curb Covid this winter. What it means is that extraordinary checks will be placed on the German people.

In the United States, too, the White House puppet Joe Biden is attempting to force all employers to demand that their workforce be vaccinated or fired. It is facing resistance from some federal courts and some Republican governors. Americans, being the only armed Western people, are able, if guided, to oppose the executive overthrow of the United States Constitution, under which Biden’s orders are grounds for his impeachment and removal. from the assignment.

Looking at the behavior of Western governments in general, it is legitimate to ask: “where is the free world?” What does it mean to be free when citizens are punished for refusing to undergo medical intervention that violates the Nuremberg Laws and the United States Constitution? How can forced people be free?

The fact is that the whole “free world”, including the United States, would be much freer if we were ruled by Russia. In Russia, President Putin made it clear that vaccination is a personal choice and there can be no coercion of the individual as it is under government in the West.

Not only does the “free world” no longer respect freedom, it no longer respects science and facts. It has been firmly established by scientists and medical experts that vaccination does not protect against the virus and does not prevent the vaccinated person from spreading the virus. At the moment it is the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, who die from multiple causes in hospitals.


The “vaccine” not only has serious and fatal side effects, as the adverse reaction reporting systems of the US, EU and UK reveal, but also the evidence is now conclusive that the “vaccine” destroys natural immunity. The consequence is that vaccinated people die not only from the side effects of the vaccine, but also from the whole range of diseases that the damaged human immune system can no longer fight.

It is well known that hardly any children are adversely affected by Covid. But we know that children are devastated by the “vaccine”. So why has the corrupt FDA approved vaccination for children who don’t need it but are harmed and killed?

Are we only experiencing the incompetent professionals of a decaying West, or are we witnessing a genocide made possible by the neglect of Western peoples and the fear orchestrated by their irresponsible rulers?


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