Tom Brady ‘ecstatic’ about relationship with Irina Shayk after being ‘in touch’ for weeks: ‘It’s not just a fling’ – News Block

tom bradyhe has it bad for Irina Shaik!

after the previous New England Patriots The Russian quarterback and supermodel shocked the world on Monday morning with their whirlwind romance, we’ve all been left wondering if this is the real thing or just another fling… And Tom has answers!

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To add some context to their relationship timeline, the couple first met in May at the wedding of the billionaire art heir. Joe Nahmad and model madison headrick in Sardinia, Italy, where Shayk was said to have addressed the famous athlete “directly” and apparently “followed him all weekend” although he was apparently “not interested”. At the time, his reps slammed the talk, calling it “totally malicious and fictional,” but obviously there WAS some sort of spark, because here we are.

Monday in the morning, TMZ broke the news that the two had spent a steamy weekend together, beginning with Tom picking up the 37-year-old from the Hotel Belair Friday afternoon, and returning it the next morning! Later that night, the couple repeated the festivities, and the 45-year-old man picked her up once more. Check out some paparazzi photos obtained by multiple outlets (below):

Now, we’re hearing more about how things panned out and what the future potentially holds for the new couple.

A privileged information served to People on Monday that Tom and Irina “have been in touch for a few weeks” and that the legendary nfl The player invited her to “fly out and meet up in Los Angeles” where we know exactly what happened. The source shared: “They spent Friday night and Saturday night at a house” Brady was staying at, and although they “have never been romantically involved” before they met at the Sardinia wedding, “there is an attraction.”

Oh lala!

Obviously that report that Tom was “not interested” was not true at all!

Another source said Monday that when it comes to building a potential relationship with Bradley CooperThe former father of three is willing to gamble it all:

“Tom is really excited that this is happening, he feels like they completely understand each other, and he really finds her extremely interesting, entrepreneurial and has a smart sense of humor that really pulls in everything he does. She’s not just a fling; he really wants to make this work.”


The boy has big heart eyes for Irina! And he clearly has a type… Supermodels! Good thing they like it too! Ha!

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The source added:

“He always told himself after his divorce that he would only get involved with someone with whom he could make a future, someone who could eventually introduce him to his children. He really thinks highly of her and where this relationship could go. He doesn’t care about her, they seem to understand each other and get along quite well.”

I’m sorry kim kardashian! (Hey, do you remember when Kanye West was he dating irina? Hmm..)

Another informant echoed what we have already heard and told the outlet:

“They are hanging out and having fun. It was Tom who invited Irina to her house in Los Angeles after they really clicked in May. They have been in contact ever since, trying to set up times to meet. They have a lot of chemistry. They’re excited to see where she’s going, but it’s still early.”

It seems that Tom and Irina are in a big bubble of love at the moment… The question is, will it continue to grow towards a future like the one Tom wants, or will it explode?

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