Tom Selleck’s Long Legged Daughter Miley No Panties Promote Shoes & More This Week’s Hottest Insta Shots


With so many celebrity Instagram accounts to follow these days, it can be easy to miss an upload. We’ve rounded up the best Instagram photos of celebrities this week for your viewing pleasure, including a cheeky snap from Britney Spears, a post without pants from Miley Cyrus, and a photo of Tom Selleck’s daughter Hannah showing her long legs in Spain.

In the past few months, since she finally made public comments about her controversial tutelage, Britney Spears has been delighting fans with a flood of scantily clad photos. His latest addition to the near-naked deluge is quite jaw-dropping.

Miley Cyrus recently sported a pair of Gucci sneakers, but it wasn’t the shoes that caught our eye. The ever-edgy pop star paired vintage-looking kicks with a dress that would likely have her arrested if she ventured out of the house.

Hannah Selleck, the only daughter of famous actor Tom Selleck, gave fans a peek at her seemingly endless legs during a casual photo shoot in Spain. The shockingly high slit on her dress certainly gave her social media followers something to talk about.

Here are the photos that wowed us this week.

Britney Spears turns heads with a cheeky, no-pants photo on Instagram

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Britney Spears wore a yellow thong in a recent Instagram post and gave her followers a cheeky look at her backside in new photos. The 39-year-old mom of two could be 40 by the end of the year, but this latest photo shows she’s in shape like she’s never been. It looks like all those Instagram dance sessions paid off!

Check out the photo, as well as Spears’ funny caption, clicking here.

Miley Cyrus performs on stage in a black cropped shirt and black pants.
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Miley Cyrus sported a pair of trendy Gucci sneakers on her Instagram page while wearing a black crop top and matching thong. The ensemble left the “Edge Of Midnight” singer with miles of her long, toned legs on display as she pivoted back and forth for the camera to show off her allure to the fullest effect. Even though her clothing gives us punk vibes, Ramones, her hair looks like it’s straight out of a Dolly Parton album cover.

Look what we are talking about via this link.

Tom Selleck’s daughter Hannah stuns at a Leggy photo shoot in Spain

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Tom Selleck’s beautiful daughter Hannah was in Spain recently and looked absolutely gorgeous wearing a long-sleeved green dress with a plunging neckline and a matching thigh slit. She wore a pair of super high heels which made her legs look much longer.

Take a look for yourself at the long-legged photos of clicking here.


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