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Celebrities are beautiful, that’s the truth. They have all the best products and famous makeup artists to fix and polish them, but is the secret really in the lipstick?

Expensive beauty products are great, but most celebrities will tell you that it’s their skincare routine that makes all the difference. The right skincare routine is all about taking care of your skin, not just putting on great products to cover it up.

It’s true what they say, beauty comes from within. So if you want to shine like your favorite stars, you need these beauty secrets.

1. Sleep and water

This may sound cliché, but Lea Michele swears that it makes all the difference to her skin, and the best part is that it doesn’t involve expensive products. There is no doubt that she is also right. Research indicates that sleep is an important factor in healthy skin because when you don’t sleep well, your body produces more cortisol, the stress hormone, which is linked to acne, breakouts, and other skin impurities.

2. Wash your face

You’ll hear this beauty tip from everyone, even if they’re not celebrities, but Mary J. Blogs especially preaches it. She must remove all dirt, makeup and anything else she has on her face during the day to allow her skin to heal and rejuvenate overnight. Breakouts may even be the least of your worries. Not removing your makeup completely can lead to infected lash roots, faster aging, irritated eyes, and even combing your hair.

3. Get glowing skin with vegetables

Olivia Culpo says that beauty begins with what you eat. This gorgeous celeb admits to having a sweet tooth, but until she spoke to her beautician, she never really considered the impact sweets have on her skin. Once she started adding vegetables and eliminating dairy, she noticed a definite improvement in her skin. This is because dairy and other sugars can be hard for the body to digest, while greens and other fruits and vegetables go to all the right places.

4. Moisturizer and Bronzer

A good moisturizer is the foundation for any pretty face, while the perfect glowing bronzer makes you look alive. Eva Mendez says that mixing the two can help you look pretty, but not too heavily made up.

5. And the eyelids

Also, it is important to moisturize the eyelids, which are otherwise forgotten. Ellen Pompeo says this is her favorite trick to make your eye makeup stay put longer, and when you go to smudge your smoky eyes, it will blend naturally, for the perfect look.

6. Masks are made in the fridge

Not only can you eat your greens to get glowing skin, but you can also make the best face masks out of them. Priyanks Chopra says his family has passed down dozens of beauty recipes to her. One of his favorites is to mix equal parts yogurt with turmeric, apply to face, and wash off with lukewarm water. This will give you beautiful glowing skin like no other.

7. (Almost) Natural Lip Color

Halle Berry has a secret to natural looking lips. She applies your favorite shade of red lipstick, then wipes it off. Apply clear lip gloss and you’re done! Natural, soft and pink lips.

8. Speak positive

Icon and legend, Jennifer Lopez, tells us that she repeats positive mantras to herself. The first part of feeling beautiful is thinking beautiful. You wouldn’t believe how much a few positive thoughts can change your appearance and prepare you for the day.

9. Avoid excess product

The point is that we’re avoiding product talk here, and that’s exactly what Kerry Washington also believes. She tries not to wear foundation often and opts for a bit of concealer instead. The truth is, skin can’t breathe, it doesn’t have lungs, so avoiding makeup keeps your pores free of dirt and other stuff.

10. Protect your skin from the sun

One of our favorite beauty icons like Jennifer Aniston, but even her flawless complexion doesn’t come from anywhere. Aniston admits that when she was younger, she didn’t always apply sunscreen, but now she never leaves the house without using SPF 15. Aniston is right, too. The sun can cause other problems, but it is the number one factor that causes wrinkles. The use of sunscreen hydrates, protects from the sun and slows down this process.

Now you know, having beautiful and polished skin like your favorite celebrities is not as difficult as you thought.

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