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Top 25 Word Games for Android Phones and Tablets


Updated October 2, 2022

Many people will claim that they don’t like Android word games. Among the broader puzzle genre, it’s very much an acquired taste.

Blame it on Christmas Scrabble marathons, silly game shows, and the crossword section of your dad’s old newspaper. Or maybe it’s simply due to the fact that your brain doesn’t really process words as well as other things.

Whatever the reason, word games are more of a niche, especially when compared to match 3 puzzles. But they really shouldn’t be.

In addition to the usual scramble games, there’s a rich and growing field of other titles that focus on words, but you don’t feel like you’re doing your homework.

We’re talking about clever choose your own adventures, casual party games, and plenty of oddities that defy categorization.

Have we missed one of your favorites? word games for android? Let us know in the comments below.

Original Jon Mundy roster, updated to Pocket Gamer Staff.



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