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Top 5 Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Most modern Internet users value their privacy. Hence, they opt for the crypto industry to get anonymous services. Cryptocurrency users can transfer their funds and purchase various goods or services without third parties.

Although there are many cryptocurrency exchanges, not all of them can offer you complete anonymity. Also, you may come across an unreliable service, which will steal your digital currencies and sell your private data to scammers. If you want to avoid such an unpleasant situation, you should opt for anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges. We have mentioned some of them in the following list.

1. Binance

This is one of the largest encryption platforms. It is popular with professional investors and crypto enthusiasts due to the various tools it offers.

Generally, this exchange has a verification process. But you can refuse to approve it. In this case, you will only be able to withdraw up to two BTC per day. Nonetheless, it is sufficient for most cryptocurrency investors.

Binance also offers other attractive benefits. It is possible to exchange more than 100 cryptocurrencies on this platform on a peer-to-peer basis. Also, its users can buy BTC and other popular altcoins with real money. The service has a top-quality security system, which guarantees the total protection of your funds. This includes 2-factor authentication and encryption. And in case you run into any problems, you can get support from a friendly community on Telegram or on the website.

2. BaseFEX

Currently, this exchange platform supports 10 crypto pairs, as well as the possibility of trading with Bitcoin. It allows you to trade futures and derivatives.

The platform is backed by leading crypto companies such as ZhenFund and inBlockchain. The exchange offers top-notch services like margin trading and the buying / selling of perpetual crypto contracts. Their representatives also promise never to implement a KYC procedure. Therefore, in case you are looking for a crypto futures exchange to trade anonymously, this platform may become your ideal choice.


If you need a checked anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, you should pay attention to this platform. It has been providing its services since 2017. Currently, this exchange has tons of positive reviews on Trustpilot, proving its fairness and trustworthiness.

The platform supports more than 200 different digital currencies. Processing time for your application is up to 30 minutes. After that, users can receive the desired cryptocurrency. The website offers a nice interface, which you can use to monitor all your transactions. Also, there is no verification process on this crypto exchange. The platform keeps the names of its clients secret.

There is also an attractive affiliate program and bonuses. You will get 0.005 BTC after registration. In addition, the service offers 0.6% per transaction made by its affiliates. The platform also does not set limits on the volume of your transactions.

4. Bitfinex

Although this platform had a number of drawbacks several years ago, the team has managed to fix the situation. Currently, the website features an impressive variety of useful options, from margin trading to betting.

The service offers more than 70 digital currencies for exchange. Also, it supports the ability to buy or sell BTC using five popular fiat currencies. It also accepts credit and debit cards, as well as direct bank transfers.

Today, this platform is one of the most attractive places on the Internet for cryptocurrency investors. Provides the opportunity to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies without going through the KYC procedure. In addition, its long history and recent improvements contribute significantly to the growth of this service.

5. Bitmex

This exchange offers the possibility of exchanging BTC, ETH, LTC and four other digital currencies. The guarantee of total anonymity is the main reason why this service is prohibited in several countries, including the US In case you decide to use this platform, you will not be asked to pass KYC to access all the functions and tools that Bitmex offers.

Although many users admit that this service needs more innovative trading instruments, currently, this is one of the best anonymous exchanges. However, be sure to familiarize yourself with its terms and conditions before deciding to use it.


Considering the global interest in cryptocurrencies, many crypto exchanges have implemented KYC procedures to meet the requirements of different jurisdictions. Although some of the aforementioned platforms also have a verification process, they also offer ways around it.

In case you don’t want to lose all your digital currencies and get scammed, you should go for the platforms mentioned in the list. Each of them is safe and has a proven reputation. Because of this, you can trade your crypto assets without any fear.

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