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TR-3B Black Manta, means a ship that uses high-pressure mercury accelerated by nuclear power so that plasma is produced which, in turn, creates an anti-gravity field around the ship. It has an electromagnetic coil at the heart of its motive power system, the result of which is an electromagnetic pulse that interacts with the Higgs boson field at the quantum level. Really heady stuff! Therefore, an antigravity aircraft does not use conventional turbine or rocket engine technology, but a propulsion system that creates thrust by generating high-energy plasma. These planes are also known as “flow liners”. As with many divergent aviation technologies, antigravity technology dates back to the latter part of and after World War II, and specifically to the covert American project known as Operation Paperclip. The goal of Operation Paperclip was for the US to gain as much leverage against the Soviet Union in the race for military weapons technology, which is why the project was packed with German scientists who were outspoken members of the Nazi Party. That means the United States has been researching antigravity technology for almost 70 years. It is the culmination of theories on gravitation, quantum gravity and general relativity, the latter first proposed by Albert Einstein himself. Antigravity is of great interest to both the military and scientists, since, for example, one could hypothetically reduce the mass of an airplane through the use of electromagnetic propulsion, even down to zero. Not surprisingly, researchers like NASA, the US Air Force, and Lockheed Martin have invested in theoretical studies of the ability to alter inert mass. According to experts, the TR-3B Black Manta would use conventional thrusters located at the noses of the aircraft that would allow it to perform a dizzying amount of fast, high-speed maneuvers, including perfect right-angle turns and hyper-acceleration. And it could achieve this along all three of its axes. Remember, the TR-3B was designed to be a subsonic stealth spy plane. For one thing, it’s a very quiet plane, save for a slight hum. An interesting byproduct of the plasma the TR-3B generates is that it significantly reduces the aircraft’s radar signature, making it ideal for missions where stealth is paramount. That means the TR-3B Black Manta could slip into almost any airspace in any country and remain undetected by its air defense or air traffic control systems. This small black number has been associated with multiple reports of sightings of flying triangular planes over Antelope Valley, a desert area in southern California much loved by UFO watchers. It is also this California desert area that attracts those interested in clandestine projects or black ops aircraft projects, given its proximity to several known military research and testing areas, including Edwards Air Force Base and Plant 42. of the USAF, the latter being just 60 miles or 97 kilometers from downtown Los Angeles. In my humble opinion, the United States Air Force has its lucky stars to thank for UFO enthusiasts and alien craft believers. After all, as Popular Mechanics has written, a number of reports of so-called black triangle UFOs have likely actually been secret military aircraft. The TR-3B Black Manta would certainly be the typical US Air Force and Navy type of black ops project. The U2 spy plane of the 1950s, the SR-71 jet of the 1980s and the current F-117A stealth craft are just three examples of aircraft the US Air Force denied existed for years, all of which were first developed covertly. at Nevada’s infamous Area 51 base. And let’s not forget that Area 51 itself was finally recognized by the US government when the most covert agency, the CIA, did so in June 2013, courtesy of a Freedom of Information Act request ( FOIA) filed eight years earlier. But does it exist? Of course, there are the inevitable allegations that the TR-3B was built by the military using reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology. Even Forbes magazine mused in 2021 that maybe, just maybe, the patents issued to Salvatore Cezar Pais could be a cover for alien technology captured over the years by the US military. So what? What about the TR-3B Black Manta? How far back does it go, if at all? Does it have anything to do with the aforementioned 2018 patent issued to Pais and the US Navy? Is it a plane, is it a bird, could it even be Superman? No, it’s just that the United States Air Force is messing with our heads again.


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