Top Tips to Improve Remote Team Collaboration with Transcription


Nowadays remote teams are something usual, while just 2 years ago many companies didn’t understand how they could rely on remote specialists. Pandemic changed a lot in our lives. However, this doesn’t mean that we can work less effectively. 

A lot of managers and team leads are in constant search of improving remote team collaboration. They turn to different approaches to organizing the work. As more and more teams, including big tech companies, tend to make remote work a usual thing, the question arises “How to make it as effective as in-office work?”.

It is obvious that there should be a lot of video meetings, presentations, and educational materials. In this case, managers and chief directors have to combine all the means of transferring the information (like, audio, video text, and so on.) In this case, we want to tell how transcription software can improve the efficiency of remote team collaboration.

Educational Content

Online learning isn’t something new. For the last 6 years, a lot of online courses and educational programs have been created. Moreover, schools, colleges, and universities started to provide online learning since the pandemic started. Nowadays, more and more companies have started to provide online training content for their remote workers.

Yet, there might be some obstacles in such learning. For example, it can be a remote foreign freelancer who has amazing hard skills but doesn’t know English (or the language of an online course). In this case, captions may be a good solution. Thus, a company needs to make audio to text transcription for their online training.

Accurate transcriptions make online learning more effective since they create an additional channel for getting information. Moreover, it allows you to learn some information with zero volume. Finally, the research showed that by transcribing an online course, you help your remote employees to learn faster.

Improving important meetings

Online meetings became popular since video connection programs like Skype appeared. A lot of deals were signed at such meetings. In the last 2 years, such a way of communication has become popular for any team since many people started to work remotely.

Online meetings have a lot of disadvantages:

  • the volume could disappear so you won’t hear your partner;
  • there could be a bad accent, so you have to repeat some crucial points of a meeting;
  • somebody’s head speaker or loudspeaker may break down during a meeting.

The list is non-exhaustive, and all of the occasions aren’t predictable. However, with audio to text transcription, you can prevent a lot of misunderstandings. There won’t be any missed information, so the efficiency of the meeting will be higher than usual.

Moreover, by providing transcription for your online meeting, you make employees free from making notes. Thus, they will be fully active during meetings, and you will spend less time discussing a certain task. And if they need to check some information, they don’t have to listen to the whole meeting once more or even go on a certain minute of the meeting. A remote team member can just open an audio-to-text transcription of a meeting and make notes there.

Set Important Timestamps

Very often, we have long presentations or meetings that should be delivered to partners or added to an online course. And usually, you don’t have time for post-production and editing the whole recording. Thus, you need to point out the most important parts of the audio or video. 

In the past, you had to make notes and send them to your partner. Nowadays, you can just add timestamps to a transcription of your presentation. Thus, your remote team member can go to important parts of a video immediately. This approach will speed up the learning and working process. 

Moreover, you won’t have to make several folders for different teams. You can just make the colored timestamps separately for designers, developers, marketing specialists in one video and send it to everybody.

Improve Accessibility

One of the biggest advantages of modern jobs is that most of them can be done by people with disabilities. Thus, dumb or deaf people can easily cope with design, development, or even marketing. They can analyze the data just by reading it. Thus, transcription is very important for remote teams since it erases the boundaries, and managers can concentrate more on the hard skills of their team members.

Moreover, it makes it easier for foreigners to work with a certain company since they don’t have to learn a language. If the manager creates subtitles for meetings, conferences, lectures, or presentations, a remote worker can turn it on at any time and learn all the material easily.

Managing New Ideas

As soon as remote teams become more popular in any company, the project managers have a new challenge. They need to record every call and meeting. Actually, they would have to do this if they didn’t manage to make a transcription. Obviously, they can’t spend all the time making notes since it is tiring and time-consuming. At the same time, they can’t hire somebody to make recordings since it is an additional money spending.

With automated transcription services, project managers can fully concentrate on data and ideas, while the software will transcribe the whole meeting, set timestamps, and create subtitles.

Moreover, a project manager can record his meeting and then send it to an online transcription company. In this case, he delegates the transcription task to professional, getting the following advantages:

  • guarantee of high-quality and accurate transcription;
  • fast turnaround;
  • secured transcription;
  • time and money-saving.

Online transcription companies have professional transcribers and the best software to make high-quality transcription very fast. That is why nowadays they have become very popular.


Have you decided to work remotely or gather a remote team? In this case, you will have to use more services and software to make a remote collaboration effective. Transcription will help you to organize your team and erase the boundaries related to disabilities of foreign languages. So whenever you have an online meeting or presentation, always record it and ask professional transcription services to make an audio-to-text transcription.


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