Toronto Raptors interested in trading for Tyler Herro – News Block

Aaron J. Fentress on the Damian Lillard trade: If the Blazers can come out of this with four first-round picks, at least one or two young talents, and then salary stuffing, that should do it. I’m told right now, Miami has three top three, Tyler Herro, filler and maybe a young player (like his offer), kind of willing to take that. The question is finding that fourth first-round pick. And if you don’t want Herro, you just have to find someone to take Herro and give you another first-round pick. So you’re in the top four and at least one young, salary-fill player, maybe even two young players. They told me it’s pretty close, they just have to find out. They hadn’t really spent much time figuring it out over the past few days. -via Apple Podcasts / Jul 13, 2023

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