Toyota claims the solid-state battery has a range of 745 miles and a charge time of 10 minutes. – News Block

Toyota bZ3. Image courtesy of Toyota.

Hyperbole alert: The following news item will evoke all the hackneyed words and phrases so often used to talk about new battery technology. Prepare for a flurry of “game-changing,” “holy grail,” and “This changes everything” statements. However, if today’s news from Toyota is true, emphasis on Yeah — the path of the EV revolution is about to change forever. The fact that it comes from Toyota, a company we’ve criticized for years for its refusal to take electric cars seriously, makes this news all the more surprising.

Last month, Toyota announced that it has a new electric car strategy. About CleanTechnica latte bar, the general consensus is that it’s about time.

“Next-generation battery electric vehicles will adopt new batteries, through which we are determined to become a world leader in battery electric vehicle power consumption. With the resources we earn, we will improve the attractiveness of our product to exceed customer expectations and ensure profit. We will launch next-generation BEVs globally and as a complete line to be launched (…)

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