Toyota Fortuner gets stuck on the beach: rescued by the locals [Video]


Toyota Fortuner is a very popular SUV on the market. The SUV is a capable off-roader and we have seen several videos of the same on the internet as well. We’ve said in the past that owning an SUV doesn’t mean you can drive your car on any terrain. There is a technique and if you don’t follow it, the chances of your car getting stuck are pretty high. Here we have another example that demonstrates this. A Toyota Fortuner gets stuck on a beach. It appears that the owner intended to take the SUV to the beach and drive it on the sand.

The video was shared by TULUNADU TRAVELER on their YouTube channel. At the beginning of the video, Toyota Fortuner was already stuck in the sand. It appears that the driver has tried several methods of getting the SUV out on his own. It appears that the Fortuner stuck here in the sand is a 4 Ɨ 4 version. The rear wheels of the SUV were submerged in the sand and the front wheels were unable to find any traction.

After several failed attempts, the locals got together and helped get the SUV out. They tied a rope to the back of the car and started pulling the SUV. It may sound ridiculous to some, but the technique really worked. This was probably the only option readily available as no spare vehicles were seen anywhere near the point.

The locals first pulled the SUV out of the back and with the driver’s inputs the SUV came out of the sand pit. The challenge in front of the driver was to drive the SUV on the road in front of him which was a few meters away. He tried to push the SUV forward and the rear wheels started spinning in the sand again. We are not sure if the driver activated the 4 Ɨ 4 when the SUV got stuck in the sand.

The SUV was then pushed again by the locals to pull it out of the sand. Once the SUV gained momentum, the driver was able to successfully drive it off the beach. The driver can be seen thanking all the locals who helped him get the SUV out in the video.

Toyota Fortuner is an extremely capable SUV but, as we said above, things will go wrong if you don’t use the right technique. In this case, there were a couple of things that could have worked against the driver. First of all, Toyota Fortuner used Highway Terrain tires. Tires play a crucial role in off-roading. It is recommended that you use off-road or off-road tires while going out for such activities.

It appears that the air pressure in the tires has also not been lowered. This provides more grip to the tires in off-road conditions. It is also possible that the driver has never driven the SUV off-road. It is always recommended to go 4WD with a group so that if a vehicle crashes, there are other cars that can rescue the car.


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