Toyota resumes full production in Japan from December


Toyota has announced that it plans to return all of its manufacturing plants in Japan to normal operations from December, with production expected to reach 800,000 vehicles.

This recovery will be the first time that all 14 of its manufacturing facilities and all 28 assembly lines will operate normally in seven months from May this year and the 800,000-unit target includes the recovery volume from the impact of the previous ones. production cuts.

If reached, it will be a record figure for the month of December, the automaker said. Toyota maintains its production forecast of nine million units for the fiscal year ending March 2022.

Last month, Toyota reduced its global vehicle production for November up to 15% due to chip shortage. This is due to a reduction in the supply of components between September and October due to the increase in Covid-19 infections in Malaysia and Vietnam at the time, which led Toyota to reduce its production forecasts for the full year to nine million vehicles. Toyota’s global production volume is approximately 760,000 units in December 2020.

Earlier in August this year, the global semiconductor chip shortage saw Toyota reduce production volume for North America up to 170,000 units until September, while earlier, in July, the Japanese brand also stopped production at three of its manufacturing facilities in Thailand for lack of pieces.

Toyota said it will continue its efforts to strengthen its supply chain with its suppliers and do all it can to get the cars to customers as quickly as possible, and thanks “all interested parties” for their support in the process. ‘help maintain production.


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