Toyota Tundra


Toyota unveiled the new third-generation 2022 Tundra a couple of months ago. The third generation truck was slated for as long as the second generation model was in production for 14 years. The company has tweaked it many times in its run, but it has started to look too long in the teeth compared to its main rivals. The new Tundra 2022 was expected to arrive with many new specs and features and it didn’t disappoint.

The highlight of the new Tundra are its transmission options. The company ditched the old V-8 workhorse in favor of a V-6 offered in three configurations. On top of that, it runs on a new platform and features a new suspension setup, has a sharper exterior, and comes with an updated and technologically advanced interior. It starts at nearly $ 36,000; up by more than $ 1,500 over the model it replaces.


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