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Trae Young sets the record straight regarding his “coach killer” label. The two-time All-Star vehemently denounces his misnomer and questions why only he is categorized as such.

While speaking on his podcast, From The Point, Young discussed the idea that it gets coaches fired. Initially, he called the apocryphal statement “lame.” Then he detailed what happened to Lloyd Pierce, his first coach in Atlanta.

Young noted that Pierce was brought in to develop the team while he was trying to win games. Additionally, Young noted that he didn’t think Pierce believed in him as much as the Hawks. However, he admits that he still loves him and that there is no ill will on his part.

Youngsters are heading to be called “coach killers”

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The 24-year-old then opened up about why he thinks he’s called a “coach killer.” He guesses it could be because he was vilified during the Hawks’ playoff series against the Knicks in 2021. Other than that, he doesn’t understand why he has that title.

Young starts talking about being a trainer killer at 15:00.

“Who knows?” Young said of his alleged penchant for getting coaches fired. “Who knows? It could just be because of that Knicks series. People look at me as a villain, someone they might spew hate at and certain labels. It could be that. It could be being in Atlanta, we just haven’t won one yet file.

You are going to discover the most negative things, you are going to try to point out the negative things in situations. Especially if you’re not winning. More than just writing the good stories about him: what he’s doing for the community, how he’s impacting this and that. They don’t want to preach those things. They just want to tag the coach’s killer and stuff like that.”

Eventually, Young started her podcast to control the narrative around her name.

“That’s a big reason I started this,” Young added. “Those things will be removed much faster now. I didn’t like listening to those things for a long period of time. Now I have this. I can get it out faster. But that’s definitely something I think about.”

Over five NBA seasons, Young has had three head coaches. Currently, Quin Snyder is in command of Atlanta.

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