Trailer Watch: Activists Derrica and Natalie Wilson are busy finding “black and missing” people


“There are so many people of color missing in the United States,” we are told in the trailer for the HBO docuseries “Black and Missing”. “African Americans are missing four times longer than white Americans.” Derrica Wilson, one of the main characters on the project, aptly describes that statistic as “alarming.”

The four-part documentary follows Derrica and her sister-in-law, Natalie Wilson, activists working to draw attention to the racial disparity in resources and press attention receiving missing persons cases, and founders of the Black and missing foundation. The non-profit organization raises awareness on this issue and helps families and friends of missing persons to find their loved ones.

“When a black person is in trouble, missing, it’s not a big deal for law enforcement because they think we don’t have much to lose,” explains an interviewee in the commercial. Another reveals: “My sister passed away in 2009. Of all the major news stations, none spoke to me.” As Derrica says, “If you don’t meet these criteria – blonde hair, blue eyes – your stories are not worth mentioning.”

An episode of “Black and Missing” wants screen at the DOC NYC starting November 17. The docuseries is from the all-black directing team of Geeta Gandbhir, Nadia Hallgren, Samantha Knowles and Yoruba Richen. Gandbhir and Soledad O’Brien are among the executive producers.

In an upcoming interview with Women and Hollywood, Gandbhir and Knowles drew parallels between “Black and Missing” and the Gabby Petito case. “There are so many past examples of missing white women who go missing and get a huge response from the media, and then the police: Natalie Holloway, Chandra Levy, Elizabeth Smart, etc.,” the filmmakers said. “Gabby Petito recently passed away and we saw everything at the heart of our series unfold in real time: a young beautiful white woman tragically vanished, a media cycle revolving around her demise, a nation obsessed with finding her, and both locals and forces. Federal order rallied quickly to find her. “They continued:” The result was the recovery of a body in a few weeks, which every missing person deserves. We just want the same kind of robust assistance when blacks and people of color disappear “.

“Black Missing” will premiere on HBO and HBO Max on November 23rd.


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