Travis Scott concert tragedy; 11 deaths reported


As you probably know by now, a recent Travis Scott concert ended in tragedy. Check out the reports available below.

The Shade Room notes that “A crowd of 50,000 attended the third edition of # TravisScott’s # AstroworldFest at NRG Park, where mass chaos erupted, resulting in the deaths of” at least “eight people and many more injuries. “.

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‘According to the authorities, around 9.15pm, the crowd started moving towards the front of the stage. Once people got closer, more people started fainting because they couldn’t breathe. “

“The crowd started to squeeze towards the front of the stage and people started panicking,” said Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña. he has declared.

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TSR also said, “At least two dozen people were taken to Houston hospitals and 11 were reported as” CPR in progress “when they were transported, reports @ khou11. The festival was canceled for the rest of the end. week and is currently under investigation. #Companions, please keep the families of those affected in your prayers. We will keep you posted. ‘

Someone said; “I’ve seen videos and the saddest part of it all was seeing doctors trying to perform cpr on lifeless bodies while people kept playing and dancing to the music right next to them. This is why they don’t. I go to these shows. ‘

A follower posted this: ‘No artist is ever so serious where you have to step on people. Worship these people.’

One follower said: ‘It’s almost 2022 and the people who put these events and concerts together still don’t understand the importance of crowd control?

Travis Scott talked about what happened:

‘Naa brother. There are videos where you literally say to move on after people have approached you and told you the facts. You were even singing and just watching someone being taken away. there was an ambulance in the crowd! I was defending you in my head until I saw those smh videos. Just weird. ‘

Someone said: “He heard those people scream for help, those guys even went up on stage to tell him” and another follower posted this: “It sounds very forced … there is no emotion behind what one is saying. PR move for sure. Snatch all those who lost their lives. ‘

One follower said: “In addition to the ‘apology’, it should also explain why he didn’t stop the show.”

Someone else said: ‘seeing these videos makes me cry .. imagine seeing it in person, how could you not stop that show?’

One fan said: ‘Did Travis organize the event? Sure, but he definitely didn’t do it himself and he definitely has people working under him that he hired precisely for people’s safety. The man performs in front of thousands of mfs and is crazy far away. The staff can kill the microphones and be done with it. ‘


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