Travis Scott sued by fan injured over “predictable and preventable” Astroworld tragedy


Travis Scott and the organizers of the Astromondo The event that killed eight people was sued by an injured spectator who branded it as a “predictable and preventable tragedy”.

Lawyers because Manuel Souza filed a petition with the Harris County District Court suing Scott, the ScoreMore event organizer and the concert giant living nation during the accident on Friday night.

The lawsuit claims that the tragedy was the result of “a profit motivation at the expense of the health and safety of concert performers” and “the encouragement of violence”, according to Scoreboard.

“The defendants failed to plan and conduct the concert properly and safely,” wrote Mr. Souza’s attorney, Steve Kherkher, of Kherkher Garcia LLP firm.

“Instead, they have consciously ignored the extreme risks of harm to concert goers and, in some cases, actively encouraged and fomented dangerous behavior.”

The deaths and injuries occurred during the chaotic scenes on the first night of the festival, when some people from the crowd of 50,000 appeared on stage as Scott performed, crushing some of the victims.

Mr. Souza’s lawyers say in court documents that the two-day event should have been canceled on Friday when “concert goers breached a security gate around the park, rushed into the premises and trampled each other.” .

The lawsuit argues that even after ambulances arrived at the event to treat concert-goers who had “suffered severe obvious injuries,” the organizers “made a conscious decision to let the show continue, despite the extreme risk of damage to the concert goers which was increasing at the time. “

“Eventually, due to the defendants’ active decision to let go of the show, the scene turned into a full-on melee, resulting in the unnecessary and untimely deaths of at least eight people and the injury of dozens more,” he says.

The lawsuit claims negligence and gross negligence and claims at least $ 1 million in damages.

Mr. Souza’s legal team requested a temporary retraining order to prevent the destruction of any evidence in the case.

The cause also focuses on Mr. Scott’s behavior on stage during his live events, known for crowd surfing, mosh pits, and stage diving.

“This kind of behavior has long been encouraged by the festival’s founder and main performer,” he says.

“His express encouragement of violence has already resulted in severe violence in numerous past concerts.”

Attorney Kevin Haynes, who is also involved in the case, said Scoreboard: “This was not necessary. This kind of thing shouldn’t happen. There were things that had to be done and that haven’t been done. “

In a second lawsuit, Scott and hip-hop star Drake were both named in a $ 1 million damage lawsuit that was filed on behalf of another injured victim, according to Fox News.

Texas attorney Thomas Henry filed a lawsuit Sunday against Scott, whose real name is Jacques Bermon Webster, and Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Kristian Paredes, 23, of Austin, Texas, according to

Paredes allegedly filed a lawsuit demanding more than $ 1 million in damages after both rappers “cheered on the crowd” and injured him.

The lawsuit also names Live Nation and NRG Stadium, according to reports.

“The crowd became chaotic and a stampede started leaving eight dead and dozens including Kristian Paredes seriously injured,” the lawsuit claims.

“Many security guards asked Live Nation Entertainment for help, but they were ignored.”


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