Trends Show More Hispanics Are Shifting To The GOP: “Biden Made Me A Republican”


When Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the run for governor of Virginia this month, many pollsters and others noted that the GOP was garnering more Hispanic votes.

Many have also wondered what this trend might mean for Democrats in 2022 and 2024.

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Juan Perez, Youngkin’s Hispanic fan: “I think Biden turned me into a Republican”

Some Hispanics have also been brutally honest about why they have changed politically.

After the Virginia election, Telemundo News asked Hispanic voter and Youngkin supporter Juan Pérez why he voted Republican.

Perez did not hold back and his comments seemed to reveal that he had been a Democratic precedent.

“I think Biden turned me into a Republican”, Perez said. “Biden is destroying the economy. Inflation is skyrocketing and everything is terrible. “

Likewise, Donald Trump made huge gains with Hispanic voters in 2020. Vox reported in May, “The most recent and detailed data shows that the trend has been nationwide. According to a recent relationship from the democratic data company Catalist, the number of Latinos who voted increased by 31 percent from 2016 to 2020, representing one-tenth of the electorate. “

“A good majority of Latinos – around 61 percent – supported President Joe Biden, but there was a roughly 8 percentage point swing towards Trump, based on data on votes cast for Democratic or Republican candidates in 2016. and in 2020, “Vox noted.

Vox pointed out that Democrats increasingly cannot rely on the idea that if Hispanics show up on election day they will vote for their party.

“The data show that many Latin voters, who account for the fastest growing share of the electorate, are not firmly part of the democratic base,” Vox noted.

“Instead, they appear to be persuasive voters, presenting a potential opportunity for both Democrats and Republicans,” Vox continued. “This is especially true of voters who are not hyper-partisans: new and infrequent voters, as well as people who overturned their votes in 2020 or who decided to skip elections altogether.”

The political insider noticed this trend it is particularly pronounced near the southern border in Texas, with ex-Hispanic Democrats switching sides and even running for office.

Telemundo interviewed another Hispanic voter who supported Youngkin.

Astrid Gamaz told the news outlet that she was not involved in politics before the recent Virginia election, but that some factors had convinced her to support Youngkin.

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Youngkin’s Hispanic supporter Astrid Gamaz: “I’m sick of people stigmatizing me (for being) a Republican and I’m not expected to speak”

“I think Republicans now, especially us minorities, have stood up because I’m sick of people stigmatizing me (because I’m) a Republican and I’m not expected to speak,” Gamaz told Telemundo.

The pollster Eduardo Gamarra said recently Politic, “I can tell you from my research that what we have seen is a real message for Democrats, who are not behind issues that really speak to Latinos.”

“It’s one reason we’re seeing change,” he noted.

The Democrats’ troubles aren’t limited to Hispanics either.

A new poll shows black support for Joe Biden fell an incredible 20% this year.

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